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WorkRamp Summer Release: Data Visualization and new External LMS Improvements

Today, we’re excited to announce new features to enhance the overall admin experience on WorkRamp. In our Summer Release, you’ll have access to:

    • Data Visualizations for advanced out-of-the-box and customizable dashboards
    • Enhanced Salesforce Integration
    • Advanced custom features for External LMS
    • Complimentary content on the Marketplace

Data Visualizations

Our newest feature, Data Visualizations, helps you get more visible context into data that helps you understand key learning metrics on both our Internal and External LMS. 

With Visualizations, you can deliver 4 insights into your learning programs.

1. Guide Metrics will provide insight into Guide creation, assignments, and completion progress. You can also view a list of the Top Guides based on assignments.

2. Usage Metrics helps you determine the past, current and trends in LMS utilization rate for your teams.

3. People Metrics ranks your top learners based on assignment count and completion scores. You can also find a list of top editors and creators for your instance. 


4. In Search Metrics, we surface the top searched and missed searched terms made by your learners. This can provides insight into what may be missing from your current training. 


Data Visualizations can also give you access to historical data and identify trends based on the custom date range setting. To learn more, check out our support articles on Data Visualizations for Internal LMS and External LMS

Enhanced Salesforce Integration

With our newly updated Salesforce integration, you can now sync WorkRamp User IDs with SFDC User IDs for more robust reporting in Salesforce. You can also map WorkRamp assignments to Salesforce User Objects for more advanced analysis into your training programs. 

Note: This feature is currently in closed beta and will be generally available to all customers in Mid-July. 

Advanced Custom Features for External LMS

Guides and Certification Assignments

In the latest feature update to our External LMS, you can now directly assign guides and certifications to your customers. Move your LMS beyond self-service and help train your customers and partners more efficiently with the right training assignments. 

Video Submissions

Now, External LMS users can submit videos to WorkRamp using Zoom Live recordings or our native video recorder. This provides a more interactive way for your partners and customers to showcase their understanding of your product.

Custom Email Domains

With this new update, you’ll now be able to have emails sent by custom email domains for even more customization on your External LMS.

Note: All external features are currently in closed beta and will be generally available to all customers in Mid-July.  

Complimentary Templates & Guides

In Spring, we launched the Marketplace, your one-stop-shop for customizable content and sample training templates. 

Today, we’re excited to announce a complimentary tier on our most requested guides. All customers can now download free training materials into their instance with one-click import.

Reimagine the Learning Experience with WorkRamp

At WorkRamp, we’re committed to designing innovative solutions to enhance the corporate learning experience. Whether you’re looking to save resources, increase revenue performance, or retain talent and customers, we’re here to help you deliver the learning opportunities and the business outcomes you need to prove your team’s impact.

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