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Slack Investment in WorkRamp

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Training is no longer a dreaded activity that happens in a stale conference room with a recycled PowerPoint presentation.

The proliferation of online classes and the ever-changing work environment mean that the end of new hire orientation is just when training is getting started.

At WorkRamp, we continue to see this shift across the board. From sales leaders that want to train their teams on the latest competitive information to customer support leads who want to ramp up their team on the most up to date product features.

Training needs to accessible, engaging, and easily tracked by managers. In short, it needs to exist where team’s spend their time.

That’s why we’re excited to be announcing Slack as an investor in WorkRamp. Across every department, we see teams using WorkRamp with Slack to streamline training workflows on the job.

We cannot wait to see how teams continue to use Slack and WorkRamp to reimagine training — stay tuned for more!