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Reddit decreases sales ramp time by 33% and improves employee NPS by 13 points with WorkRamp.

Ashley Crisostomo is the Principal Program Manager on the Sales Enablement team at Reddit, one of the largest social news platforms in the world with over 52M active users. In her role, Ashley oversees sales onboarding and training all customer-facing teams. In this conversation, Ashley shares how her team has leveraged WorkRamp to build out Reddit’s L&D function, train new hires and Go-To-Market (GTM) teams, and rollout company branding initiatives.

What are your business outcomes?

Onboard new hires quickly

When I first joined Reddit, it was about nine months before our sales reps were fully ramped up and carrying quotas. For new hire onboarding, our main business goal was to decrease ramp time and time-to-quota—and with WorkRamp, we decreased ramp time by 33%.

Train GTM teams

We leverage WorkRamp to train our customer-facing teams on new feature functionalities, corporate messaging, and role-based skills. In particular, the sales team is focused on sharpening their negotiation skills and corporate pitch with WorkRamp Challenges. On our latest brand narrative pitch challenge, the average rep score was over 90% – which proves how effective WorkRamp is in training and certifying our teams.

Build out the L&D function

The bonus outcome of using WorkRamp has been the overwhelmingly positive sentiment around sales training. We didn’t have a training or L&D function at Reddit before my team, so there were low expectations around training and development. After establishing our enablement team, ramping up our training strategy, and deploying an LMS, internal NPS increased by 13 points.   

What do you love about WorkRamp?

Clean, approachable UI

WorkRamp is simple to use. Learning Management Systems can be riddled with complications and too much customization, which gets in the way of the user experience. We’re a small team, so a great UI and UX saves us time and resources. The straightforward UI was the first thing that I noticed when I tested WorkRamp.

Purpose-built for GTM Enablement

WorkRamp prioritizes all of the features that we care about. When evaluating, we prioritized finding an LMS that was purpose-built for Sales Enablement. This became especially important with remote work; we needed to be able to manage events and tactical training programs with the integrated tech stack that we use internally.

Customer-focused team

We love the customer experience provided by the WorkRamp team. The support team is quick to respond to product questions and requests–via email, in-app chat, or even in the WorkRamp VIP slack community. We’ve also been able to share feedback and our business priorities—and they were actually addressed a lot more quickly than with any other LMS we’ve had in the past. 

Tell us about your favorite learning initiative with WorkRamp.

Last year, we launched a huge company-wide rebranding initiative. We rolled out a new logo, updated fonts, and a new corporate messaging framework. So naturally, we were looking for an LMS that could deliver training and certify every employee on the new pitch. 

That LMS was WorkRamp, and we successfully rolled out our rebranding initiative with a multi-phased approach. First, we trained employees with small group workshops and on-demand training. Next, we leveraged the Challenges feature to test employees on the messaging and get feedback from managers. Everyone who passed the Challenge was officially pitch-certified—plus, the average certification score was above 90% at deployment. We really used WorkRamp’s whole offering for the program–and it went off without a hitch. 

The result? We had a 98% completion rate—the remaining 2% were really people on maternity and paternity leave. It was amazing! I had never seen engagement numbers like that before. To our surprise, many learners shared that they genuinely enjoyed the training experience; we scored over 92% on the Employee Satisfaction Index. The entire process was frictionless—trainees knew exactly what they had to do at each step of the certification process. 

Why partner with WorkRamp?

“With WorkRamp, we’ve actually received the LMS experience that we were looking for. That really says a lot about our partnership” says Ashley Crisostomo, the Senior Program Manager on Reddit’s Sales Enablement team.

With WorkRamp, Reddit has been able to:

  • Decrease new hire ramp time by 33%
  • Increase internal NPS by 13 points
  • Increase revenue and decrease time-to-close
  • Achieve 98% employee participation on trainings
  • Attain 90% average pitch certification scores at deployment

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