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Revenue Enablement


Learn how Intercom leverages WorkRamp to onboard and train its Global Sales and Customer Success teams.

Intercom is the world’s first Conversational Relationship Platform — to help businesses build better customer relationships through personalized, messenger-based experiences. More than 30,000 businesses, including AWS, Facebook, Shopify, and IBM, use Intercom to connect with a billion people worldwide.

Powering Global Sales Onboarding and Training

Megan Hunting is a Senior Sales Enablement Specialist at Intercom, where she manages the Global Sales Onboarding Program and leads training for the global sales team.


No More Outdated Onboarding Content for Global Customer Success Teams

Max Klimmek is the Head of Customer Success at Intercom. Learn how his Customer Success team is able to keep onboarding content up-to-date with the latest product features and processes with WorkRamp.

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