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Boosting new hire productivity by 70% in 2 weeks with CX onboarding.

Serving major cities including San Francisco, New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles and managing more than 2 million sq. feet of real estate, Clutter helps modernize moving and storage for tens of thousands of customers with Amazon-like service and logistics. 

To handle the massive volume of customer activity, the team needs customer experience (CX) reps who can hit the ground running soon after they are hired. Clutter first partnered with WorkRamp to support their CX team’s expansion from 200 to 700 employees over a two-year period, formalizing an onboarding program that helped drive down ramp time from six weeks to two. 

Since then, they have continued to evolve and refine their onboarding process. New hires now progress through Clutter Core training, which addresses foundational knowledge relevant to all CX teams, before segueing into team-specific training that addresses micro-level issues relevant to a CX specialist’s day-to-day experience. Additionally, new hires are required to achieve 100% completion and quiz scores in order to move out of onboarding training.  

Upon completing just 2 weeks of onboarding in WorkRamp, Clutter’s new CX specialists can achieve

How Clutter delivers engaging and scalable onboarding programs with WorkRamp

  • AI Assist. With so much content to create, the Clutter team leverages WorkRamp’s AI Assist to speed up the process and generate content summaries quickly
  • Zendesk Integration. The Clutter team integrates WorkRamp with Zendesk so specialists can quickly source and reference content in WorkRamp while resolving tickets
  • WorkRamp Libraries. With WorkRamp Libraries, the Clutter team can curate, update, and tag all assets and resources to make content more accessible and searchable

Clutter’s top 3 strategies for setting new hires up for long-term success and retention

  • Interactive training sessions. The Clutter team supplements WorkRamp Learning Paths during onboarding with live Google Meet training sessions to discuss more challenging topics in a group setting and give new hires an opportunity to get to know each other in a remote-first work environment
  • Monthly Town Halls. The Clutter team hosts Monthly Town Hall meetings for CX specialists and leaders to exchange and follow up on feedback on a regular basis so employees feel supported and heard by their managers and leadership.
  • Shadowing program. Within Clutter’s CX org, specialists have opportunities to shadow positions even if there are no immediate open roles, which shows the company’s commitment to employees’ growth and development.

“We needed a platform not only for content generation, but also for delivery, quizzes, and structured learning alongside customizable resource libraries for different teams. WorkRamp has been great for that, and it’s had a significant impact on our day-to-day. It also plays a huge part in the onboarding experience, so we owe a lot to it and so far haven’t been able to find any competitors that can offer what we have and what we have set up.”


Amanda Gonzalez, Head of Customer Experience


The Learning Cloud from WorkRamp is the single platform for all your employee and customer learning needs.

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