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Revenue Enablement

Chili Piper

Learn how coaching up your average performers can drive up revenue by 10x, faster – with Michael Tuso, Director of Sales Performance at Chili Piper.

According to the Sales Benchmark Index, 83% of sales revenue is generated by 13% of your sales team – aka the top performers. So what does that mean for enablement?

Your greatest growth lever is your middle 70%. Sales coaching is the #1 thing you can do for this group to boost team performance and drive up to 10x revenue.

So, let’s move the middle, and move the revenue needle.

Learn from Michael Tuso, Director of Revenue Performance at Chili Piper, a fully remote company with the BEST playbook for coaching and motivating remote reps:

  • How Chili Piper’s coaching culture thrives in the world of remote work
  • Move the middle: identifying, coaching up and motivating your core reps.
  • Actionable tools and tactics to improve rep productivity and increase revenue
  • Bonus: How to keep a remote sales team productive and connected

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