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Delivering comprehensive L&D programming to boost employee performance

Buildout supports more than 40,0000 CRE brokers in finding, winning, marketing, and transacting more real estate listings at top dollar, and achieving this depends on a team that’s well-equipped with a customer-centric attitude and in-depth industry knowledge. 

Initially, getting employees trained up was a challenge. There were no formal programs in place, and onboarding and ongoing development were sporadic and not standardized. The Buildout team needed a clear path forward for employees to better understand their customers, products, and the industry.

This led them to building out a comprehensive L&D program in WorkRamp that encompassed a multifaceted commitment to empower employees with industry-critical knowledge and skills.

In their first year of developing and launching over 100 library resources and 25 WorkRamp Guides spanning three pivotal domains–Commercial Real Estate (CRE) knowledge, customer insights, and Buildout’s products–the Buildout team achieved:

buildout case study

How Buildout delivers engaging and scalable L&D programs with WorkRamp

  • Resource Library. Libraries in WorkRamp give Buildout a centralized place to curate, update, and track engagement on all assets and resources
  • Knowledge Checks. Adding Knowledge Checks throughout training enables Buildout to gauge learner engagement and help drive information retention
  • Bamboo HR Integration. Buildout automatically syncs employee data from BambooHR to WorkRamp, reducing manual data entry and ensuring all learners are assigned the right trainings

“Launching WorkRamp as part of our broader L&D program has been a resounding success in equipping our employees with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to excel in the commercial real estate prop-tech sector.”

Elizabel Riggs, Learning & Development Manager, Buildout


The Learning Cloud from WorkRamp is the single platform for all your employee and customer learning needs. Ready to take your L&D to the next level? Contact us for a free, personalized demo. 

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