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WorkRamp Teams Up With Ethena for Dynamic Compliance Training

Compliance training is required to equip teams with the knowledge they need to perform their roles safely and effectively and to protect your business from fines, lawsuits, and penalties.

But because this type of training can often be dull, 15 percent of employees click through without reading or listening. This can be costly for your organization; businesses lose $14.8 billion per year to noncompliance penalties. 

Compliance training may be mandatory, but it doesn’t have to be monotonous.

That’s why we’re excited to announce our latest partner Ethena, a leading global provider of compliance training content.

“Ethena’s course catalog is now available in WorkRamp’s Prebuilt Content library, giving teams access to the industry’s best compliance training content in WorkRamp’s leading LMS. Cringe-free compliance training is at the fingertips of WorkRamp customers, helping you go beyond checking the box and toward having a true impact on organizational culture.”


Anne Solmssen, CTO at Ethena


Integrating compliance training courses into your LMS centralizes your training efforts and streamlines the learning experience, eliminating the need for disparate systems. With compliance training content and employee training resources on a single platform, organizations can increase efficiency and reduce complexity. 

“By partnering with Ethena, we offer fun and engaging compliance training in WorkRamp’s Prebuilt Content library. Having compliance content directly in your LMS helps to create a unified experience and equip employees with the resources they need without having to switch between multiple systems. Ethena’s fun and dynamic compliance content will be a game-changer for engagement and knowledge retention on business-critical topics.”


Ted Blosser, CEO & Co-Founder, WorkRamp


When training is engaging and entertaining, learners are more likely to retain the information. This leads to a better, safer working environment and protects your employees and the organization.

Check out our live announcement video from HR Transform.

Creating engaging, interactive training content

Traditional compliance training is often boring and ineffective. This leads to low employee engagement and reduced effectiveness in onboarding and development.

Ethena takes a new approach to compliance training by creating engaging, funny, and interactive content.

From Harassment Prevention, DEI, and Code of Conduct to HIPAA, Data Privacy, and more, Ethena’s more than 150 compliance topics and courses help organizations mitigate risk in the workplace and build strong ethical cultures. 

Ethena training replaces the cringey scenarios and dry text of the past with engaging multimedia and an inclusive lens. Training content explores real-world experiences employees often face, helping them to navigate these tricky everyday gray areas. This approach leads to high completion rates, better knowledge retention, and top marks from learners (Ethena courses average a 95 percent positivity rating across more than 1.2M learners).

Safeguarding your organization with compliance training

Compliance training is a non-negotiable part of business operations, but traditional training methods often fall short.

Training isn’t just about meeting regulatory requirements; it’s about fostering a safer, more resilient workplace. With Ethena, you’re not just checking boxes; you’re creating a culture based on learning that is dynamic and exciting. When you make training engaging for users, you build a stronger, smarter, and better-prepared workforce. 

WorkRamp powers all your compliance training

With WorkRamp, you can deliver effective, scalable compliance training, create automated workflows to keep employees updated, and track progress and training completions with robust reporting tools.

Discover how WorkRamp can help you protect your employees and your business; contact us to schedule a free, personalized demo. 


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Ted Blosser

CEO & Co-Founder, WorkRamp

Ted Blosser is the CEO and Co-Founder of WorkRamp, a category-leading Learning Management System. Prior to founding WorkRamp in 2015, Ted held a variety of sales and product positions at Box and Cisco. He studied Electrical Engineering at Santa Clara University and resides in Redwood City with his wife and three children.

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