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WorkRamp Spring Release: Customizable Content and Advanced Admin Features for Internal and External Training

WorkRamp announces the launch of The WorkRamp Marketplace and new product features to support the rapid growth of its all-in-one internal and external learning platform.

Today, we’re excited to launch new products and features to streamline your learning operations and enhance the admin experience in WorkRamp. Now, you can take advantage of:

  • Customizable training content with The WorkRamp Marketplace
  • Synced guide progress across all learning paths for internal training
  • Advanced user management features in external academies
  • Enhanced grading capabilities in external academies 

The WorkRamp Marketplace

Our newest product, The WorkRamp Marketplace, allows you to leverage off-the-shelf content that can be customized to meet your learning requirements and your unique company brand or voice. 

With a subscription to the Marketplace, you’ll be able to use one-click import to curate your learning library, edit the training content as little or as often as you need, and deploy training quickly – all in one platform. 

To get started with a free 7-day trial of the Marketplace, please email or reach out to your Account Rep.

Synced Guide Progress for Internal Training

With the latest enhancements to the internal training platform, you can now enable a guide to be marked complete across multiple learning paths – without having the learner repeat the course for each learning path. If you’d like your learners to complete the guide multiple times for every path, you can adjust the “Guide Completion Scope” setting at the individual guide level.

If you’re a WorkRamp customer, you can learn more about this feature here

Advanced User Management for External Training

Advanced User Management functionality is now available to help you dynamically manage learner profiles in your external training platform. This allows you to fully customize user attributes and fields, while also empowering you to invite, deactivate, and delete learner profiles – all from a single dashboard. 

To give you even more control over your users at registration, you can now also selectively allow or blacklist learner registrations based on the domain. This ensures that the right audience accesses your training, while discouraging users on free email clients or competitors. 

Both features are generally available on our external training platform. 

Enhanced Grading Capabilities for External Training

Now, you can add manual grading objects to your external training platform. In addition to the auto-graded questions that quicken the certification process for your external learners, you now have the option to add short answer questions, longer essays, and upload files into your exams. 

This allows you to more thoroughly test for learner knowledge, while providing opportunities for learners to get feedback on their knowledge gaps. You can learn more about the feature here.

Reimagine the Learning Experience with WorkRamp

At WorkRamp, we’re committed to designing innovative solutions to simplify remote training and onboarding. Whether you’re looking to save resources, increase revenue performance, or retain talent and customers, we’re here to help you deliver the learning opportunities and the business outcomes you need to prove your team’s impact.

If you’re not yet a WorkRamp customer and are excited to learn more, please get in touch! If you are a WorkRamp customer, but know someone who could benefit from our all-in-one solution, learn more about our Refer a Friend program

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