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Designing Inclusive & Accessible Training Content at WorkRamp

Designing content through a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) lens is a crucial piece of your training platform. You don’t have to be an expert in DEI to cultivate the conditions for its success — the work is challenging and often uncomfortable, but also one that generates a more empathetic, proactive environment for your new staff. 

At WorkRamp, we understand that a diversity of perspectives and experiences is central to an organization’s ability to evolve and adapt — which is why we’re integrating these values into the content we produce. We help organizations be more competitive through these tenets, especially in a time of remote work when building interpersonal connections is tough.

Because training is the first point of access to the company for a new hire, we are mindful of visual representation when building training materials. For example, a company can ensure that their imagery is diverse not just ethnically, but also across gender expression, religion, disability, and age. We also design to include various conditions, such as color blindness. Representation indicates that the organization is taking the first step in being conscious and intentional about fostering a welcoming environment. 

Equity is diversity and inclusion in practice — looking at training modules, it means ensuring that everyone gets what they need to succeed as a learner. Those with learning disabilities may need voice-to-text and read-aloud functions; less experienced employees may need extra embedded learning supports such as walk through tutorials and summaries. Making all of these functions available from the jump signal to the learner that they are seen, heard, and included in the design process. Surveys at the end of each module asking the learners what can be improved also signal to them that like the company, the training components are also adaptive. We utilize this inclusive design across the language as well; we use a diverse set of pronouns and screen for ableist language, taking into careful consideration colloquial terms such as fit for the job, or turning a blind eye

WorkRamp is committed to including and sustaining each individual learning journey so that people across teams, departments, and the organization are motivated to be their most productive selves. With equity of voice, these perspectives help the company adapt and grow with a rapidly evolving world.

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