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WorkRamp Helps Companies Train Remote Employees with the Latest Onboarding Automation Features

SAN FRANCISCO – Jun 17, 2020WorkRamp, the learning transformation leader, released a set of new onboarding automation features to help companies onboard and train remote employees. These features will allow companies to better manage resources, schedules, and personnel to ensure a smarter, streamlined onboarding experience for each new hire. 

“As we move into a post-COVID world and the economy reopens, our customers are slowly starting to go back into hiring mode, and need to put together a new plan to onboard these new employees–many of whom will be remote.” said Ted Blosser, CEO and co-founder at WorkRamp. “We’re proud to be the first LMS to reimagine how companies are automating their onboarding experiences through state-of-the-art scheduling and resource management functionality.”

The new offering includes the following:

Event Templates

Create and customize calendar meeting templates by role or seniority. This feature allows new hires to have a more customized onboarding experience, while saving the admins hours spent on coordinating each individual schedule. With calendar templates, the team can easily set up and manage the scheduling process in just a few clicks and standardize the onboarding experience across multiple cohorts.

Automating Calendar Invites

Instead of having a full-time coordinator manage dozens of invites, links, and touch points for each new hire, you can now orchestrate scheduling for the entire onboarding class. This new automation feature allows companies to send calendar invites en masse, track attendee confirmations and provide process visibility across the board. 

Cohort Management

Customize the templates and meeting invites for each new hire cohort to streamline the onboarding workflow for admins. Our studies have shown that 85% of onboarding sessions will be identical across cohorts, but the remaining 15% will vary depending on resource constraints and scheduling conflicts. With cohort management, you can make these adjustments on the fly for each new hire group to deliver an enhanced onboarding experience across the board. 

The new onboarding automation features can be enabled for our Enterprise account plans. To learn more, contact us at

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