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Women of WorkRamp Share Best Career Advice for Female Employees

This year, we’ve been honored to share the profound insights of female leaders in learning, enablement, and development from Box, Zoom, Reddit, and dozens of other top organizations. As Women’s History Month draws to a close, we’d like to spotlight the female leaders across engineering, sales, customer support, marketing, and talent at WorkRamp. 

As women and girls around the world #ChooseToChallenge and set their sights on limitless professional aspirations, they often look to female role models for guidance. We asked our female leaders: What’s one piece of career advice you would share with your younger self? Here’s what they had to say.

Create a Culture of Support and Inclusion

Danielle Scott, WorkRampDanielle Scott, Sales

As the Director of Sales at WorkRamp, Danielle Scott leads onboarding, training, coaching, strategy, and ops for the Sales organization.  

What’s one piece of career advice you would share with your younger self?

Great culture is created intentionally and needs to come from the top-down if it’s going to scale. Choose a leadership team who believes that human beings are the most valuable resources at the company. Hire people who have empathy. Prioritize mental health, work/life balance, diversity and inclusion, and a supportive work environment, and the great people you hire won’t ever want to leave. 

Develop a Strong Personal Brand

Rachel Lee, Marketing

Rachel leads the marketing team at WorkRamp. She enjoys working with people, products, and a company mission that’s pushing the boundaries of how people learn.

What’s one piece of career advice you would share with your younger self?

A strong personal brand goes a long way. Just as a strong company brand carries in the market by the way of customer experiences, brand awareness, and increased revenue, a personal brand can also supercharge your career – by allowing you to establish your reputation, highlight your strengths, and prime you for leadership roles. 

You can do this by first building credibility and trust with your coworkers and customers – by sharing with them who you are and what you stand for. Take those first 5 minutes of the meeting to share something meaningful. Communicate to your team why a particular project matters to you. Tell your customers why their stories resonate. When something happens, speak up and let your voice be heard.

This is how you introduce your authentic self into the workplace. This is how you build relationships with the people across the business, based on their understanding of your character and principles. This is how you deepen relationships with people who will advocate for you and help you propel your career. This is how you show up in the world.

Don’t be afraid to be authentic. Don’t be afraid to have a point of view. Don’t be afraid to hold your ground. Your personal brand is there – just make it known.

Speak Up and Stay True to Yourself

Cassie Morford, WorkRampCassie Morford, Engineering

Cassie Morford is a Senior Engineer with a passion for ensuring that engineers from all backgrounds are able to feel respected, learn effectively, and thrive at their dream jobs.

What’s one piece of career advice you would share with your younger self?

Advocate for yourself and stay authentic! You don’t have to mimic anyone else’s example to have a successful career.

If you know that you can take on harder work, ask for it. If you need mentorship in a particular area, seek out an expert.  If you see something that doesn’t feel right, speak up! If you built something amazing, brag about it. If you find a new talent, lean into it.

You are not restricted to taking the same career path, at the same pace, as anyone who went before you. Make choices that feel aligned to your strengths and values, knowing that you’ll feel even more proud of what you’ve accomplished when you stay true to yourself.

Be Unapologetic About Your Goals

Breona Garrison, WorkRampBreona Garrison, Customer Success

Breona Garrison is an Implementation Manager, partnering with customers to develop personalized deployment strategies.

What’s one piece of career advice you would share with your younger self?

Don’t be scared to stand up for your goals, and actively pursue them. Be extremely vocal about what you want and where you want to go to whoever will listen. It will make achieving your goals and dreams that much easier and more worthwhile!

Trust Your Ability to Make Decisions

Jen Scopo, Instructional Design

Jen Scopo is a dynamic speaker and trainer who thrives on coaching others to maximize their talents and has a passion for psychology.

What’s one piece of career advice you would share with your younger self?

Trust yourself. Always keep your mind open to the opinions and perspectives of others, but when it comes time to make a decision, follow your instinct, even if it contradicts everything else. The worst possible outcome of any decision is that you don’t like the result so you simply make a new decision to fix it. The key is to make sure that every decision is YOURS. That’s the only way you can truly live without regret and feel like your life is yours and yours alone. Life will work itself out… just do it!

Find Fulfillment in Personal and Professional Pursuits

Hanah Chang, WorkRampHanah Chang, Sales

Hanah Chang just joined WorkRamp as the Business Development Manager. She has spent her career scaling, ramping and coaching successful BDR teams at fast-growing companies. 

What’s one piece of career advice you would share with your younger self?

I would tell my younger self there can be more than one thing that makes your heart sing and what you do and what you do for work don’t necessarily have to be the same. When I was in school, I studied English and Theater and for a while, I thought the only way I’d be fulfilled in life was if I was writing and directing professionally. I wish I learned earlier that you can have a rich and meaningful career that doesn’t have to be in direct pursuit of your personal hobbies. And that sometimes, you can be even more challenged, even more gratified, even happier, when you allow space for both. After working with BDRs/SDRs for the last several years, I can honestly say I can’t see myself doing anything else!

Explore Your Strengths and Interests

Daphne Siu, Technical Operations

Daphne Siu is the Technical Operations and Support Manager, focused on providing the best customer and product experience for WorkRamp users. 

What’s one piece of career advice you would share with your younger self?

Don’t be scared to explore different types of roles to find what interests you most and where your strengths lie. 


Take Risks and Believe in Yourself

Heather Bell, WorkRampHeather Bell, Sales

As Enterprise Account Executive, Heather Bell helps drive revenue for WorkRamp. She brings over a decade of sales experience to the role.  

What’s one piece of career advice you would share with your younger self?

Take bolder risks and be more confident. I was always afraid to take a bigger leap or put my hat in for the promotion. I finally had a manager, who was also a close friend, tell me, “you’re SO great at sales. You’re stifled here. Go for that risky role. You’ll kill it.” They were right. I doubled my income in that move and loved my new job. 

Think Big and Leverage Your Connections

Emma Pessereau, WorkRampEmma Pessereau, HR

Emma Pessereau is the Talent Partner at WorkRamp, where she drives hiring initiatives and team growth (we’re hiring!). 

What’s one piece of career advice you would share with your younger self?

If I could give my younger self one piece of advice, it would be to think big before job searching. Set up informational interviews or coffee chats with anyone whose career sounds compelling, pick their brain about it and then continue researching professions. You never know which conversation will strike a chord and change the direction of your career.

Prioritize Your Health and Wellness

Enola Crisostomo, WorkRamp Enola Crisostomo, Customer Support

Enola is a Customer Support Specialist focusing on solving customer issues and building resources for a better customer experience.

What’s one piece of career advice you would share with your younger self?

My advice to my younger self is to prioritize my mental and physical health and trust that the rest will fall into place.




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Rachel Lee

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