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WorkRamp Winter Release: Maximize Your Remote Learning Experience

Today, we’re excited to launch new virtual training features to uplevel your team’s remote learning experience. Now, you can:

  • Enjoy a fully upgraded Events experience
  • Track learner progress in real-time with WorkRamp Watch 
  • Streamline onboarding with the new Workday integration

Events Experience 2.0

Our newly redesigned events feature allows you to build, manage, and report on live and on-demand training events in WorkRamp. Learners will now be able to complete training guides, register for live classroom events, and get certified – all in one platform. 

Monitor learner progress with real-time notifications

With our newest Watch feature, you can now track how your learners are performing as they navigate your Learning Management System (LMS). You’ll get notified as learners complete training modules, submit challenges, and test their knowledge.



Workday Integration

Once you’ve elevated the learner experience and streamlined training operations, it’s time to paint the larger picture. With all these new features, how can we help simplify onboarding and offboarding to relieve the administrative burden on our HR teams? 

Our newest integration allows HR teams to sync employee data directly from Workday HCM to WorkRamp. From adding users, to updating attributes and terminating employees, all your data will stay in sync between both systems. This integration will help you streamline your HR and Learning operations, with a seamless connection between both platforms.

To get started with the integration, review the installation guide or reach out to your account manager.


Reimagine your remote training strategy with WorkRamp

At WorkRamp, we’re committed to designing innovative solutions to simplify remote training and onboarding. Whether you’re looking to save resources, increase revenue performance, or retain talent and customers – we’re here to help you deliver amazing learning experiences for your business. 

If you’re an existing WorkRamp customer, our newest features are now generally available at no additional cost. 

If you’re not yet a WorkRamp customer and are excited to learn more, please get in touch!

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