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7 Inspiring Podcasts to Add to Your 2024 Playlist

Here’s a fun fact: There were more than 164 million monthly podcast listeners in the U.S. in 2023. 

And, while Spotify Wrapped may have reminded us of our favorite songs, it’s not just the tunes that have been on repeat in our lives. 

Podcasts are entertaining and can also be invaluable learning tools. In fact, 55 percent of business owners and 51 percent of executives and people in leadership roles listen to podcasts daily. 

Podcasts are another tool to add to your repertoire to learn from entrepreneurs, business leaders, and successful professionals. So, to help you learn and be inspired, we’re sharing the most recommended podcasts from People, Revenue, and Customer Success professionals. 

Add these seven shows to your playlist to learn, grow, and go after your goals in 2024 and beyond. 

1. Invest Like the Best

Want to better invest your time and money? Then consider Invest Like the Best

Tim Smith, Head of Global CS and Product Sales at Stripe, listens to the Invest Like the Best  with Patrick O’Shaughnessy podcast for insights from top investors and business leaders. What makes this podcast different is that guests come on to share their experiences and strategies that can help you better understand money investments, markets, and more.  

Episodes include stock market insights, boardroom tips for investors, CEOs, entrepreneurs, and more. 

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2. CE Labs

Explore the best way to educate your customers in this thought-provoking podcast, Customer Education Labs (CELabs). 

Don’t take our word for it; take it from LEARN podcast guest Lexi Clarke, CPO, Payscale, who shared that CELabs is one of her favorite podcasts. 

Adam Avramescu & Dave Derington are the co-hosts and are passionate about the customer education community. In each episode, they dive into innovative approaches to educate and empower your customers through in-depth conversations with experts and thought leaders. 

Additionally, CELabs listeners gain valuable insights into designing effective educational programs, optimizing customer experiences, and leveraging education as a strategic business tool. 

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3. Grit

Lindsey Scrase, Chief Revenue Officer at Checkr, recommends listening to Grit, featuring candid conversations with seasoned leaders. Learn from their expertise and experience in creating, building, and scaling organizations. 

Each weekly episode dives into the challenges and triumphs of establishing historic companies. Find out what it takes to navigate the complex landscape of organizational development from those who are not just talking about it but doing it.

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4. All-In Podcast

What happens when you bring industry veterans to the same table? You get intellectual conversations—sometimes heated debates—and candid conversations. This is truly a podcast that gives you an excellent point of view of the tech world and it’s impact elsewhere. 

And three of our LEARN podcast guests highly recommend it: 

Industry veterans Chamath Palihapitiya, David Sacks, and David Friedberg discuss various tech and economic topics along with social topics and poker, all moderated by the one and only Jason Calacanis

Thought-provoking and insightful, each episode explores contemporary issues, from investment strategies and tech trends to societal challenges and global affairs. The All-In Podcast is foranyone eager to stay ahead in technology and finance.

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5. How I Built This 

Ever wonder how top businesses got their start? Or the highs and lows?

How I Built This, hosted by Guy Raz, is an innovative podcast that shares the stories of how businesses started and the challenges they navigated to succeed. 

Christina Singh, VP of Customer Success at Split, recommends the How I Built This podcast to learn about innovation, creativity, leadership, and various challenges in the business world.

Guy Raz interviews entrepreneurs to uncover the stories behind iconic brands. Each episode offers personal struggles and failures these founders experienced, giving you a true intimate look into their journeys to success. 

Get Christina’s insights in her LEARN podcast episode

6. Business Breakdowns

You might not be able to get your hands on financial statements or business models, but Business Breakdowns gets you that much closer to all that—and more. 

Marta Pinilla, Chief People Officer at Airtable, listens to the podcast because each episode offers key lessons from business investors and operators. 

Hear the stories behind public stocks and private businesses, providing a thorough analysis of their history, business model, financial statements, unique strategies, and potential for success or challenges. 

Listen to her podcast episode for more: Be the Driver of Your Career: Insights From Marta Pinilla, CPO, Airtable

7. LEARN Podcast

We can’t share our favorite podcasts without including our own! 

In the LEARN podcast, WorkRamp’s CEO and Co-Founder Ted Blosser interviews top leaders in tech to bring you invaluable insights, real-world experiences, advice, and more to inspire you and fuel career success.

In each episode, Ted gets candid with guests and deep dives into the biggest learnings from their careers, starting and running successful companies, leading high-performance teams, and more. 

Stay tuned for the lightning round, where guests reveal fun tidbits like the best career advice they’ve received and their favorite books, podcasts, and newsletters.

Listen to the latest episode: Turning Customer Ed Programs Into Revenue Streams with Joe Ryan, Maltego

Podcasts are an excellent medium to entertain and help you learn, whether on the go or at home. 

Let these be your companions on the path to learning, growing, and, ultimately, succeeding. Here’s to a year filled with knowledge, achievement, and the sweet sound of success.

Happy Holidays!


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