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Management Dashboard: Empower, Elevate, & Excel with Enhanced Reporting

The lifeline of an organization’s success hinges on the continuous learning and development of its workforce. 

Managers play a pivotal role in guiding their teams toward growth. However, tracking, understanding, and managing their team’s learning and development has challenged managers and L&D teams across industries.

Thankfully, the landscape is changing, and the solution is enhanced reporting and data visibility.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the latest revamp to WorkRamp’s management dashboard within the ‘My Team’ tab, which improves access to assignment management and learner stats throughout an org chart. With increased data visibility, leadership can drive accountability more effectively and better support their team’s learning and professional development

Discover how the management dashboard empowers leaders to assume responsibility for their employees’ learning journeys.

Management dashboard features for direct and second-level managers

management dashboard my team view

  • Managers can now grade and review the progress results of direct reports
  • Second-level managers, those with direct reports who also manage teams, can view their entire team’s progress
  • Managers can access summary metrics, including completion rate, average grade, and team size, to quickly scan how teams are progressing with trainings 

Management dashboard views to track team progress

management dashboard views

  • Team roll-up view. Second-level managers can view how their teams perform by rolling up summaries by manager
  • Direct report view. Managers can use this when they need to view insights for individuals who report to them
  • Learner transcript view. Managers can see a summary of the learner’s assignment performance and assignment history. Managers can take relevant action or export a CSV to download the full transcript
  • Training view. Track the progress of a specific training 

Using the management dashboard to support teams and make better-informed decisions

With the latest enhancements, leaders are equipped with greater data and visibility, enabling them to become better mentors, guides, and champions of their team members’ development. These capabilities empower them to lead with confidence, providing the tools and insights needed to nurture their team’s growth and success.

Learn more about how the management dashboard can help you promote continuous learning and development at your organization. Contact us to schedule a free, personalized demo.  


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