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LEARN Recap: 3 Key Elements to Create a Robust Customer Ed Program

One of the best ways to empower customers to get the most out of your products and turn them into loyal brand advocates is to create a customer education program.

Almost 90 percent of buyers say the customer experience a company provides matters as much as their products or services, and 94 percent say a positive customer experience makes them more likely to purchase again. 

Whether you’re just getting started with customer education or looking for ways to improve your program, you can implement some customer ed best practices to make your program as impactful as possible.

During our half-day virtual summit, WorkRamp LEARN, WorkRamp’s Product Marketing Manager, Div Shivesh, shared three key elements for a successful customer education program. 

Organizational alignment 

Customer education is a very strategic initiative that drives business results. It’s vital to align with your leaders; your C-level executives. But you also want to align with your cross-functional and internal teams to ensure your program will drive value for your customers. 

Defining your short- and long-term vision is crucial to ensure your program is set up for success.

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Building quality content

Quality content means focusing on building the best resources for your customers. This could be video, audio, interactive modules, and more. 

To create valuable, impactful content, keep these tips in mind:

  • Ensure the content resonates with your customers and users can digest it easily
  • Focus on content that’s scalable. Think about creating bite-sized training
  • Make sure you can deliver content quickly so customers can get the value faster when they need it
  • Choose a learning platform that helps you distribute all of your excellent content in an engaging way so your customers keep coming back to learn

To create the best content for your users, ask yourself (and your team) these questions:

  • Are you creating content that will get your customers to value quickly? Instead of content that teaches them how to use specific features, which they can find in support docs and help articles, focus on creating resources that help them use your product in a valuable way that delivers results for their business.
  • Is your content easy to digest? Focus on bite-size content, like 5- to 10-minute videos, that help them get situated in the platform and understand what they must do immediately. 

Following these tips to create quality content will help you ensure your customer education gets the adoption it needs to be successful. 

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Measure the success of your program

During the early stages of your program, you might measure simple metrics like completion rates and user engagement on the platform. But as your customer education program matures, you want to start using metrics to prove the value and ROI of your customer education program.

Your data should tie back to actionable business metrics like customer churn, customer health, revenue growth, and more. 

Not only should you be constantly measuring your program’s success, but you also need to continue to optimize your content and experience to ensure learners are getting the resources they need.

You can do this by collecting customer feedback and tracking user interactions. Check course data within your learning platform to see what customers are using. You can use this information to understand the type of content that works for them and create exactly what they need. 

As you optimize your programs, you’ll see that more learners will engage with the platform, ultimately helping them see the value of your products. This leads to more product champions, brand advocates, and, ultimately, a very high satisfaction rate for your customers. 

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Understanding your customer’s needs and creating content to help them succeed is the best way to enhance the overall customer experience. An effective customer education program is vital for customer retention and turning your users into loyal brand advocates.

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