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LEARN Recap: A Closer Look at the Learning Cloud

In today’s fast-paced, ever-changing business landscape, continuous learning has emerged as the key to empowering employees and driving business success.

Learning helps employees do their jobs more effectively. But there’s still one big problem with learning today. Organizations have too many options and tools to deliver learning content.

This leads to operational complexity and higher costs for businesses and can also be detrimental to productivity and efficiency.

So how can we improve learning across organizations? The solution is the Learning Cloud: the all-in-one platform for all your employee and customer learning needs.

The Learning Cloud combines Employee Learning to improve performance, upskill employees, and increase revenue, and Customer Learning to supercharge customer education and increase customer satisfaction.

At our virtual conference, WorkRamp LEARN Spring, Erin Paugh, WorkRamp’s Director of Solutions Engineering, takes the Learning Cloud for a spin to give you a closer look at the capabilities for employee training, customer training, and administrators.

Inside the Employee Learning Cloud

When employees log in to the Employee LMS, they can see any live instructor-led training they’re signed up for and any training assignments within the platform.

The Employee Learning Cloud makes it extremely clear for users what they need to accomplish and eliminates any guesswork.

Employees can see what training they’re assigned to, decide which events they want to attend and monitor their progress as they go through different paths and guides

The Employee Learning Cloud supports different types of training content. This blended learning approach helps to boost learner engagement and increase retention.

The types of training content you can use in the Learning Cloud include:

  • Training guides (eLearning). Build training directly in WorkRamp, including information, tips and tricks, videos, knowledge checks, quiz questions, and more.
  • SCORM files. Upload SCORM files directly into your Learning Library.
  • Prebuilt content. Import prebuilt content from subject matter experts on skill development, leadership training, compliance, and more.
  • Challenges. Introduce a use case or scenario users must complete and ask them to create a video, audio recording, or written submission. Challenges are great for roleplay, feedback training, or anything else you want team members to practice out loud.
  • Live instructor-led training events. The Learning Cloud includes Zoom integrations that track session attendance and let you send reminders to users’ calendars.
  • Learning paths. Use learning paths to compile all the training a learner needs to complete, as an onboarding program, skill development program, or anything you want to set in sequential order.

Inside the Customer Learning Cloud

The Customer Learning Cloud lets you create a completely branded site with your company images, banners, fonts, and more.

Create training for customers and partners through a Customer Education Academy using the Customer LMS.

With the Customer Learning Cloud, you can create education programs and tools to improve product adoption and increase customer satisfaction.

Customer learning features include:

  • Create learning paths for onboarding, ongoing training, and more.
  • Promote deeper product knowledge with certifications. Customer certification programs are more rigorous than traditional customer ed and can help turn customers into power users.
  • Incentivize learning with badges. Award badges for completed training that users can display on LinkedIn.
  • Set-up events. Users can register for events or join on-demand content sessions.

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Inside the Admin Console

The Learning Cloud offers robust features for assigning and tracking employee and customer training.

Organize training content in folders, adjust user access and permissions, and easily manage your training content in a single centralized location.

The drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to build training content directly in WorkRamp. You can also import prebuilt content like technical training, skills training, and more directly into your training Library.

Learning Cloud admin settings include:

  • Integrations with SSO providers and HRIS tools. Plus Salesforce integration for additional reporting capabilities.
  • Automations. Create assignment automations based on users’ actions, and automate and assign additional training content.
  • Advanced reporting options. See who has completed each training and track learner progress. Access dashboards and visualizations and build your own reports using our Report Builder.

Power employee and customer learning with the Learning Cloud

Now that you know more about the Learning Cloud features for employee and customer training, see how to use the platform to empower teams, hit your goals, and create a competitive advantage.

Watch the full Product Tour and see more from WorkRamp LEARN Spring in our on-demand replays.

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