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Introducing WorkRamp Data, the Learning Data Platform

At WorkRamp, we have empowered the world’s fastest growing companies, including Zoom, Square, and PayPal, and have seen that, beyond creating and deploying engaging learning content, they want to be able to answer one fundamental question: How do we accurately measure the effectiveness of our training programs?

It may seem like a simple question, but the answer can be difficult to find. We live in an age of different applications for nearly every task. Take sales teams, as an example. From the number of opportunities in Salesforce to how quickly you are reaching prospects via Outreach, all the information related to how well your sales reps are performing is dispersed across countless applications.

As a fast-growing company, we are bringing on hundreds of new employees every year and establishing offices around the world, so the importance of accurately measuring the impact of training has become that much harder yet that much more critical for us.” — Cari Goodrich, Sr. Director of Global Marketing at Looker

A Platform-First Approach

We strongly believe that in order to accurately measure your training effectiveness, you need to take a platform-first approach to analyze all the disparate sources of information across your applications. No longer can companies simply look at basic charts in their LMS to get an accurate view of the world — you have to dig deeper into ongoing activity and performance data to measure true effectiveness.

That’s why today, we’re announcing WorkRamp Data — the first learning data platform that allows you to analyze training performance across various applications.
As a part of WorkRamp Data, we are excited to release:

The Data API

The Data API packages and organizes your training data and sends it to any datastore of your choice. From there, use your favorite visualization software like Looker to help you correlate your training performance to other business metrics that are important for you.

Data Sync with Salesforce

The Data Sync with Salesforce will sync your training data directly to your Salesforce instance in real-time. Additionally, you can leverage pre-built dashboards to help you tie your learning efforts to your company’s sales metrics.

Data Report Builder

Use the Data Report Builder to create robust reports that can be exported to excel or shared internally. With hundreds of filter combinations and the ability to add flexible columns, the Data Report builder will allow you to slice and dice your data to match any complex reporting requirement.

“I’ve been a customer of WorkRamp’s at two extremely fast growth companies now: Intercom and Envoy. As a sales enablement professional, I’m excited to see them continue their innovation within enablement and I can’t wait to get hands on with WorkRamp Data.

— Anna Schmitt, Head of Enablement at Envoy


As of today, WorkRamp Data will be in limited release and generally available in early 2019. If you are interesting in getting access, please contact your account representative or email us at

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