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Introducing Challenges: The New Way to Certify Reps

From working with hundreds of teams focused on building out enterprise-grade certification programs, we saw the importance of testing and certifying reps on how well they could sell or support products. Does this sales rep know how to deliver our core value proposition? Does this support rep know how to navigate and talk through our complex systems? All of these questions couldn’t be answered through simple testing means — they required a much better way to certify using both qualitative and quantitative means.

Enter Challenges — the best way to run certification programs at scale.

Challenges allow you to choose a type of certification — live, recorded, or written — and allows you to assign them to reps and their managers. It also includes powerful custom scorecards, which will give you an accurate measurement of performance, averaged across multiple parameters and reviewers.

With only a few steps, you can deploy and launch a global certification program that will make sure all of your reps are aligned and on-point, leading to increased revenue and customer satisfaction.

Challenges are live for all enterprise customers to start using. For more information, contact your account manager for a personalized demo.

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