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Help your employees reach their full potential with WorkRamp for Support

Knowledgeable customer support reps are critical to the success of any organization — they are on the front lines of customer communication, required to retain constantly evolving product and process information, and need to address complex issues quickly.

Using WorkRamp for Support, customers at the fastest-growing organizations like Zoom, Paypal, and Caviar have leveraged these new and upgraded features to provide a world-class customer experience:

  • Zendesk Integration for contextual training
  • Google Chrome Extension to access support knowledge across any tool
  • Product Tutorials, powered by iorad
  • WorkRamp Certifications to codify support expertise
  • WorkRamp Challenges for real-life scenario-based training
  • WorkRamp Universities for autonomous and continuous training and development

We are so excited to roll out WorkRamp to more effectively train our support team and provide continuous education,” said Matthew Cruz, Director, Learning & Enablement at TripActions. “WorkRamp for Zendesk will be an awesome addition because it will provide our reps with relevant and real-time content ultimately driving a better support experience.”

Support organizations rely increasingly on bite-sized, in-context information, especially for a technical or lengthy training. WorkRamp is now delivering this directly where reps are working with our Zendesk Integration and Google Chrome Extension. Zendesk unifies customer support interactions, so communication is seamless, personal, and efficient – with WorkRamp content and training materials also right at your teams’ fingertips! These integrations will reduce response times, increase accuracy, and improve the overall customer experience.

Product Tutorials, powered by iorad automatically create step-by-step guides and simulate native tool training so that you no longer need a sandbox environment. Previously, these guides could be time intensive to create and complicated for learners to comprehend – so we’ve partnered with iorad so that you can: (1) click a button within WorkRamp and go through any process that you are trying to document, (2) record a voice-over for step-by-step instructions (3) immediately generate an engaging and interactive tutorial that your learners will love.

Our clients are creating world-class training programs for support by combining these new features with our core WorkRamp features below:

  • Challenges – simulated customer interactions with mock written cases and customer support 2-way calls
  • Certifications – test knowledge and certify your customer support reps as experts
  • Universities – communicate broad information like a Newsletter or All Hands or leverage it for continuous, role-based learning and career training (ie. technical support training to advance to the next Tier)

We are using WorkRamp for Support to make it easier to equip our customer support reps with the right knowledge at the right times,” said Saad Shahzad, GM at Clutter. “As our team has grown, WorkRamp has been invaluable in providing an integrated platform that helps us scale knowledge and improve customer satisfaction seamlessly.”

WorkRamp for Support is available for all Enterprise Customers today – to see results like Clutter, reach out to your WorkRamp representative.

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