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Announcing WorkRamp for Zendesk

WorkRamp for Zendesk trains customer support teams to have more informed and efficient conversations with their customers. Zendesk, a leader in the customer experience space, brings all of your customer support interactions into one place, so communication is seamless, personal, and efficient.

We know that you need flexible, ongoing training to keep up with constantly evolving products, but your support reps don’t need an additional tab. That’s why we integrated with Zendesk to bring WorkRamp directly into Zendesk Support – where your team is already spending a significant amount of time.

We’re so excited to roll out WorkRamp to more effectively train our support team and provide continuous education,” said Matthew Cruz, Director, Learning & Enablement at TripActions.  “WorkRamp for Zendesk will be an awesome addition because it will provide our reps with relevant and real-time content ultimately driving a better support experience.”

A few real-life scenarios for leveraging the power of WorkRamp and Zendesk – when your team is in Zendesk and needs to know how to solve a complex pricing support ticket, they can access articles and training on pricing and refunds while solving the case. If your support organization is trying to unify voice and tone, reps can reference their guide directly next to their ticket.

WorkRamp for Zendesk is a key component of the WorkRamp for Support product suite, a collection of enablement and training tools for support teams that also includes the Google Chrome extension, iorad integration and more. By bringing training directly into Zendesk, we expect to see higher CSAT scores, an increase in knowledge retention and productivity with shorter response times. If you’re interested in learning more about the integration, please reach out to your WorkRamp Representative or

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