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Announcing WorkRamp for Customers

With WorkRamp for Customers, companies will be able to train and educate customers at scale. This platform expansion allows companies to use one unified system to share training materials across multiple teams and provide an amazing education experience for customers.

“WorkRamp allows us to deliver internal employee and external customer and partner training — all in one platform,” said Nadia Provencio, Director of Global Training and Operations at 8×8. “It’s incredibly easy for trainers and reps to pick up, bolsters organizational agility by centralizing training content in one system and has all the enterprise features that allows us to scale confidently and quickly.”

Features of the new solution include:

  • Customized learning academies that can be hosted on your own domain
  • Ability to deliver courses, certifications, and webinars for your customers to level-up their knowledge of your solution
  • Badges and certifications that can be published to LinkedIn to help build your company’s brand
  • Salesforce sync of learning progress to see the effectiveness of your customer education programs

WorkRamp for Customers has been the product of months of feedback from innovative customers who have shaped our product roadmap. Thanks to the amazing input of the WorkRamp community, we have been able to bring the same enablement focus that powers sales and support teams to customer teams, as well.

We’re excited to enable high-growth companies like Quantum Metric to train customers at every stage of the customer journey and cannot wait to see how enablement leaders continue to innovate with WorkRamp for Customers. Since Quantum Metric launched their customer training platform and onsite training days at their annual user conference, the team had found that 56% of the conference registrants signed up for additional training via their online training platform, Quantum Metric University.

Enablement is in our DNA,” said Chauncy Cay Ford, Director of Product Enablement at Quantum Metric. “At Quantum, every employee is required to be product-certified– including our finance, HR and operations teams. We are passionate about the product that we’re building and we want to evangelize it to everyone out there. That’s why when WorkRamp for Customers became available, we were thrilled to bring our customers and partners into the same platform and create our external training instance, Quantum Metric University.”


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