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Announcing Our Degreed Integration: Upgrade Your Learning Experience Across Your Organization

A learning strategy is becoming critical for employers and employees alike to stay competitive in this global economy. But to have a successful strategy in place, the appetite for learning must happen at both the business level and the learner level.

Learning Management Systems (LMS) – like WorkRamp – transform learning at the business level. Employee learning paths are created based on company objectives and goals, focusing on what businesses feel employees need to learn to be successful in their roles. In this case, the learning ROI is tied directly to business impact and growth. 

Learning Experience Platforms (LXP) – like Degreed – focus on a more bottoms-up approach. Learning starts with learner objectives in mind to discover training content, build skills and certify their expertise. It focuses on growing individual skill sets, then finding ways to tie these skills to business impact. 

Learning Transformation happens at the intersection of LMS and LXP, where learner objectives are aligned to the organizational initiatives to drive business strategy. WorkRamp’s Degreed integration helps enterprises find this intersection to deliver best-in-class learning experiences through a unified workflow. 

Where It Starts: Automated Content Delivery

The Degreed integration enables companies to curate WorkRamp content and training modules seamlessly into live and on-demand learning experiences in the Degreed portal. The integration uses WorkRamp Learning APIs to dynamically push new learning content into the Degreed instance within 24 hours of its release. Powerful search capabilities allow learners to discover new, relevant content to add to their learning pathways inside Degreed to control and create their own personalized learning experiences.

Bottoms Up: Meeting the learners where they are 

The Degreed Integration creates an improved learner experience by allowing content to be accessed seamlessly across either platform with a secure SSO connection. More impressively, the ability to embed WorkRamp content into Degreed learning pathways allows learners to create their own learning paths with in-context learning. With formal training content from WorkRamp placed side-by-side with informal resources like articles, videos or podcasts that are curated inside Degreed, learners can decide how deep they want to go in their learning journey. This creates a cohesive learner-centered experience that allows learners to then curate content for their own, personalized learning paths based on their roles, skill level and career aspirations.

Top Down: Creating Business Impact

The Degreed integration creates a learning workflow that maximizes business impact. WorkRamp allows learning administrators to deliver training and maximize learning ROI by allowing learners to consume content in a way that makes sense for them. With Degreed, learners create personalized learning paths without the extra overhead costs; administrators don’t need to manually upload new content on a regular basis, maintain content hygiene across the different platforms or ship fully-ready, curated learning paths every time. 

How enablement teams benefit from this integration:

  • Deploy new training content automatically to Degreed
  • Easily search, assign or add WorkRamp content to Pathways and Plans inside Degreed 
  • Track learner activity and completion inside either systems–with the ability to report progress wherever they learn, regardless of where they launched the asset

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