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Putting Customers First: Top 6 Takeaways from Modern Customer Success x WorkRamp Event

Last month, 50 Customer Success leaders gathered at the WorkRamp Loft to share challenges and best practices in running hyper-growth Customer Success organizations. Although no two teams were alike in their team makeup or success metrics, every leader was unified in their commitment to deliver real value to their customer’s business, boost user success and improve the customer experience.

Here are the top 6 learnings from the session:

1.) Your goals should align with your customers’ goals

“Your goal as a CSM is to get your customer promoted. You should align your goals to theirs. Everything you do should push them closer to achieving their goals. Make your goals, their goals.”

2.) Always provide value

“Always tie your strategy, approach and actions back to what brought your customer to you in the first place. If you do that, you’ll always be providing value as a CSM.”

3.) Map out the customer journey

“Our goal is to convert customers to ‘superusers.’ We actually rolled out an engagement pipeline and we track them as they move through to each stage. It starts with implementation and moves all the way to ‘superuser.’ We measure and track it in SFDC the way you would a deal that is pre-sale.”

4.) Establish a white space score

“Doing this means that we are not prioritizing accounts, time, and feedback solely on revenue and renewal date. We are also providing it based on potential.”

5.) Don’t dread the red

“When customers get mad, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a bad thing. They’re still engaging with your company, seeking value and attention, and hoping for their problem to be solved. The customers you want to worry about are the ones that go dark and completely disengaged.”

6.) Cultivate behavioral loyalty

“Behavioral loyalty means that the customer will continue to buy from us on an ongoing basis. We have 3 different types of loyalty– customers who are champions and will continue to promote us no matter where they go, customers who have an affinity to our brand so they’d be likely to buy multiple products and customers that may just renew out of an opposition to change or laziness. Regardless, we can usually expect renewals from these customers.”


We’re proud to bring together amazing Customer Success leaders to share valuable insights and learnings with each other– and can’t wait to host more events in the future. To learn more about WorkRamp and how our powerful training software can help your teams increase revenue and improve customer satisfaction, check out our product here.

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