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Zoom’s Playbook on Sales Manager Enablement

Sales managers are the unsung heroes of the sales org – and the critical lever to increase sales team performance and crush quotas. But they need training, just like our sales reps do.

It’s time to “coach the coach” on how to run effective 1:1’s, nail pipeline reviews, and more.

Learn how Zoom launched its first Sales Manager Enablement Program in a year of record growth for the company—and the lessons learned in onboarding and training their first two cohorts of frontline managers.

In this session, Rich Adams (Sales Enablement Manager, Manager Execution at Zoom) will share:

  • The 90-Day Manager Onboarding Program – strategy, delivery, & execution
  • Learnings from launching the first two cohorts of sales managers 
  • 3 key landmines to avoid when rolling out sales manager training
  • Bonus: How to help managers find and devote time to their learning journey

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Rich Adams
Sales Enablement Manager - Manager Execution

Danielle Scott
Director of Sales, WorkRamp

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