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Transforming Customer Education with Quantum Metric University

Based on her decade-long career empowering customers, Chauncy Cay Ford believes that great enablement builds product ambassadors. Her passion is providing people with the right products and integrated solutions to better advocate for the customer. Centering around this philosophy, she spearheaded the development of Quantum Metric University (QMU) to train and educate Quantum Metric’s customers and partners. Today, QMU supports over 1,500 learners with 30+ training modules and user certification paths globally.

In this webinar, Chauncy Cay Ford (Director of Enablement at Quantum Metric) takes us through her journey in building and scaling Quantum Metric University. She’ll share:

  • The first QMU Charter and the customer program blueprints
  • The launch strategy that captured hundreds of registrations within the first week
  • How she’s expanding Quantum Metric’s customer education program – by growing her team, marketing internally and nurturing product & customer evangelists
  • PLUS: How she leveraged QMU to help onboard 90 new hires in 90 days.

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Chauncy Cay Ford
Director of Enablement, Quantum Metric

Danielle Scott
Director of Sales, WorkRamp

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