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The New Growth Playbook for Virtual Sales Enablement at Handshake

The New Growth Playbook for Virtual Sales Enablement at Handshake

Get your reps ramped quickly and trained continually in a fully remote world.

At the start of the pandemic, Mark Riley had to make a hard pivot. His focus shifted from onboarding  cohorts of new enterprise reps to revamping the entire sales playbook–and the enablement function. From rolling out new product positioning to overhauling the entire sales motion, Mark needed to train his sales team on everything, all over again.

And he nailed it. In this live webinar, Mark Riley (Sales Enablement at Handshake) will share:

  • How he built 5+ trainings and certification paths in weeks – to train reps on Handshake’s new remote selling playbook
  • How to automate training and focus on metrics-driven initiatives
  • How to enable, coach and motivate your remote sellers – especially your newer reps
  • His experiences reporting to the CEO and proving your worth

BONUS: How to successfully onboard a new hire class of enterprise AE’s – Mark’s specialty!

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Mark Riley
Sales Enablement, Handshake

Monica Duran
Customer Success, WorkRamp

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