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Reddit’s Guide to Successful LMS Deployment

Launching Mission Control: Reddit’s Sales Enablement Deployment Guide

Smoother adoption, minimal disruption & faster ROI.

With a successful enablement deployment strategy, they’re all within reach. Whether you’re rolling out new tools, methodology or messaging – a successful implementation is just as important as the training content. Learn how Reddit nailed the rollout of their new corporate messaging, branding guidelines and “Mission Control” (their WorkRamp instance) – with a structured GTM strategy.

In this live webinar, Ashley Crisostomo (Sales Enablement Manager at Reddit) will share how to internally “go to market” with your new enablement programs. Tune in for:

  • Reddit’s GTM strategy + implementation doc (yes, the real deal!)
  • The importance of a phased approach – from soft launch to manager enablement
  • How to keep the #hype up before, during and after the launch
  • Bonus: The impact of a design strategy to drive learner engagement

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Ashley Crisostomo
Sales Enablement, Reddit

Danielle Scott
Director of Sales, WorkRamp

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