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Move the Middle: Coaching Your Core Performers with Chili Piper

When sales team productivity and performance starts to dip, we naturally skew our coaching efforts to try to ‘fix’ the under-performers or to squeeze more out of our top reps. But a recent HBR study shows that to drastically improve team performance, you must coach your middle 60% – your core performers.

How do you “move this middle” to build a high-performing sales team all around?

Learn from Michael Tuso, Director of Revenue Performance at Chili Piper, a fully remote company with the BEST playbook for coaching and motivating remote reps:

  • How Chili Piper’s coaching culture thrives in the world of remote work
  • Move the Middle: identifying, coaching up and motivating your core reps
  • Actionable tools and tactics to help your underperforming teammates
  • Bonus: How to keep a remote sales team productive and connected

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Michael Tuso
Director of Revenue Performance, Chili Piper

Ted Blosser
CEO, WorkRamp

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