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Cracking Remote Onboarding, Training & Learner Engagement at Fivetran

There’s no doubt that COVID-19 has turned enablement on its head. From moving entire programs remotely to keeping learner productivity up, it’s been a tough challenge for enablement teams to adapt to the ‘new norm’.

In this live webinar, Petek Hawkins (Head of Global Learning, Enablement & Development at Fivetran, formerly at Zoom) discusses how her team quickly and effectively moved Fivetran’s entire onboarding program remote while increasing learner engagement during COVID.

What you’ll take away from this session:

  • How Fivetran’s cultural values played a critical role in the shift to remote work
  • 3 easy-to-implement tips to scale remote training during COVID
  • How to properly audit and improve the entire learner experience for remote work
  • Proven tactics to increase learner engagement and reduce information fatigue

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Petek Hawkins
Head of Global Learning, Enablement & Development at Fivetran

Monica Duran
Customer Success, WorkRamp

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