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All-in-One Onboarding

All-in-One Onboarding

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Blended Learning

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Onboard Employees In Less Time With WorkRamp

With traditional employee training software, it takes weeks — if not longer — to build a custom training program. In WorkRamp, you can set up your program and start onboarding new hires in a matter of days.

WorkRamp helps you onboard employees in less time by making it easy for you to customize the platform, set up new courses, import external courses, create learning paths, track user progress, test their skills through quizzes and tests, and grant custom certifications.

Why Invest In Employee Training Software?

Employee training software is fundamental in attracting top talent, getting new hires ramped up efficiently, and continuously upskilling your employees to retain talent and stay competitive.

You Can Attract Top Talent With A Meaningful Investment In Employee Training

According to Citrix, 88% of employees prefer organizations that use the latest technology to enable learning. By focusing on talent development and streamlining your training program through the latest employee training software, you can attract the best talent and retain employees.

Everyone wants to hire the best and most skilled people of their industry, but most companies struggle in attracting their ideal employees. This is because:

  • Great talent is scarce
  • People prefer remote working and flexibility
  • They want the values of their employer to align with their own
  • They want a work culture where they can constantly acquire new skills and grow

By investing in employee training software, you can put a check mark on two out of four items on the list, i.e. you can create your own talent, and show them that you are interested in their growth.

You Can Start New Hires Off On The Right Foot

The average cost of hiring an entry-level employee is 20% of that employee’s annual salary. The same cost for hiring a mid-level resource is almost 1.5 times their salary. When you spend that much to bring someone onboard, you want to retain them. Failure to do so will cost you even more. U.S. businesses lose more than $630 billion every year due to employee turnover.

So how do you solve this problem? By having a great onboarding program, you can retain 69% of your new hires for up to three years. Using the latest employee training software, you can offer user-specific training and make a great impression on your new hires.

Retain And Upskill Your Employees And Eliminate Skills Gap To Protect Your Business

McKinsey and Company surveyed 1,000 tech startups in multiple countries and found that:

  • 43% had an immediate skills gap
  • 44% predicted a skills gap in the next two to five years

Even if your team consists of the most skilled professionals in your industry, their skills will become dated sooner than you might think. The rate at which technology is evolving has had a huge impact on how long technical and non-technical skills remain relevant. According to IBM, technical skills only have a shelf-life of about two and a half years.

You can eliminate the skills gap in your organization by identifying the kind of training your employees currently need, as well as the training they’ll need down the line, and then providing them with said training through user-friendly employee training and development software.

Legacy LMS Systems vs. Modern Employee Training Software

Traditional LMSs don’t support the kind of customization and options provided by modern employee training software. These systems suffer from:

  • A lack of support for integration
  • No learning gamification
  • No support for custom learning paths
  • Difficulty in creating new courses

Furthermore, older systems have limited options for reporting and may not support some metrics you’d like to track (such as tracking active users and the completion rate on voluntary courses).

As opposed to legacy systems and traditional LMSs, modern employee training software:

  • Supports interactive courses
  • Works with all types of devices and screen sizes (including mobile devices)
  • Supports integration with other systems
  • Facilitates easy new-courses creation
  • Makes importing pre-made courses from other systems easier
  • Allows you to white-label and customize these systems for your requirements

By sticking with legacy systems, you’ll be missing out on all the opportunities presented by modern techniques of talent development.

Companies stick to legacy systems because of resistance to change. There may already be a number of legacy users in your organization who are comfortable with your old LMS. There are also other issues such as disrupted workflow and data loss.

With WorkRamp, your legacy users will find it very easy to get used to the new employee training software. You can import legacy data into WorkRamp through powerful integrations and minimize disruption.

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Why Choose WorkRamp As Your Employee Training Software?

WorkRamp’s focus on innovation makes it the best employee training management software in the industry. We provide seamless integrations with your existing technology stack through secure APIs and help you get the most engagement through intuitive UX. We also provide powerful analytics and reporting dashboards that help you keep track of talent development.

You Can Hyper-Customize WorkRamp

We go beyond generic white labeling and give you more branding elements than any other employee training software out there. You can customize the navigation, registration, and course overview pages as well as external academy certifications to make the LMS represent your brand.

You Can Integrate WorkRamp With Other Software

WorkRamp integrates with 36 of the most popular tools, so it can merge into your technology ecosystem with little to no friction.

  • HR: BambooHR, Google Workspace, and similar HR software
  • Sales: Zendesk, Salesforce, and similar sales software
  • Content: GetGuru, Box, and similar content management systems
  • Analytics: LinkedIn Insights, Google Analytics and Tag Manager, Stripe, and Facebook Pixel
  • Scheduling: Zoom, Slack, Chrome, Outlook, Google Calendar, and more
  • Single Sign-On: OneLogin, Microsoft 365, G Suite, and more

Integrations with single sign-on tools as well as scheduling tools makes it easier for users to log in and keep track of their training themselves. Integrations with Analytics and HR tools will help you in keeping track of employee progress. With these integrations, WorkRamp truly becomes the only employee training software you will ever need.

You Can Offer External And Custom Courses In Your Own Ecosystem

Integrate WorkRamp with Udemy, LinkedIn Learning, Open Sesame, and similar online educational platforms to deliver external courses to your employees. You can also offer custom courses, so your employees have all the training courses they need to excel at their jobs. Use pre-existing templates in WorkRamp to create new courses or build them from scratch.

All training courses live in one centralized learning hub, so you can track employee progress without having to switch between multiple systems.

You Can Customize Learning Paths And Certification Training

Create custom learning paths for your employees that are specific to your organization’s skills gaps. Plan unique certification training programs to help your employees get to the next level in their jobs. You can place custom quizzes and assessments after every course and make sure your employees are learning new skills and getting the most out of your training program.

You Can Track Employee Progress With Powerful Analytics And Dashboards

Gauge the skills of your employees through custom quizzes and tests, and track their progress with various engagement metrics. WorkRamp’s customizable dashboards help you keep track of your most important metrics and see, at a glance, how effective your training program actually is.

You Gain Access To Customizable Social Sharing And Discussion Threads

Place social media sharing options on external academy pages and customize the thumbnail image to boost your brand’s visibility and reach. This will help you turn the users of your employee training software into social advocates for your training program and introduce your brand to their circle of colleagues and friends.

You Can Encourage Peer To Peer Learning Via Discussion Threads

Start discussion threads and encourage peer-to-peer learning by posting interesting questions and encouraging your team to do the same. Your employees can participate in these discussions, learn from each other, and strengthen your company’s culture. Peer to peer learning helps in employee development, enables knowledge sharing, and even makes remote workers feel like part of the team.

You Turn Training Into Edutainment

With WorkRamp, you tap into the power of gamification with leaderboards, challenges, and roleplay scenarios. You can also set up prizes and encourage friendly competition to engage your learners. Through gamification, you can engage your employees more effectively, motivate them to learn new skills, and help your remote workers skill-up through informal learning.

Measuring The ROI On Your Employee Training Program Through WorkRamp

With WorkRamp, there’s no guessing about whether your training programs are paying off. Use our dashboards to track performance metrics across your learning initiatives:

  • Employee sign-up rate for new training
  • Completion rates and dropout rates
  • Active users
  • Time spent on each course
  • Participation in virtual labs and exercises
  • Results of quizzes and tests

You can set up your own metrics to calculate the ROI on your training investment. For instance, you can pull data directly from Salesforce and measure the impact on the latest training taken by your sales team. To measure the ROI on your training program, you can correlate engagement metrics in WorkRamp to productivity metrics and KPIs you use in your organization.

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