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Deconstructing Sales Certification Programs with Iterable

We all get the value of sales certifications — ensure your reps are trained and ready to sell 10x better. But what makes a stellar sales certification program?

Rachel Ha’o is a sales enablement veteran, and has built Iterable’s most successful certification framework that includes a training plan, coaching strategy, and key readiness metrics.

In this webinar, we’ll dive into what it takes to get the fundamentals of sales certifications right. We’ll cover:

  • How Rachel identifies training blocks and certification paths for sellers
  • A deconstructed view of Iterable’s Discovery Call Challenge
  • How Iterable measures sales readiness 
  • And more!

Register and walk away with actionable tips on how to get started at your company today.


Rachel Ha’o
Global Sales Enablement

Stephanie Middaugh
Director of Enablement, WorkRamp

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