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Crawl, Walk, Run: Kustomer’s Advice on Building an Exceptional Customer Education Program

When you set your customers up for success, they’re bound to be happier. Sounds easy, but the path from A to B isn’t always straightforward.

Customer service CRM platform, Kustomer, knows what it takes to engage customers at scale and provide ongoing value. How do they do it? With an outstanding customer education program.

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Join WorkRamp on-demand for a deep dive into the art of customer engagement with Kristi Thurston, Manager of Learning Solutions at Kustomer. Kristi will share expert tips on how to build an exceptional program from the ground up – and tie your work to business impact. (Hint: you’ll need to crawl before you can walk and eventually run!) 

You’ll learn: 

  • How to align leadership and internal stakeholders around your goals 
  • Strategies to engage customers with winning content
  • The right metrics to track, such as NPS and product adoption
  • How to plan for the long-term 

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Kristi Thurston
Manager of Learning Solutions