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Career Chat: Nailing Sales Enablement at Intercom, Algolia & Branch

Career Chat: Nailing Sales Enablement at Intercom, Algolia & Branch

Meet the rising stars in revenue enablement: Jonas Taylor (Algolia), Megan Hunting (Intercom) and Lisa Thompson (Branch). They hail from typical revenue positions, transitioned to sales enablement by carving out their own roles and are making a HUGE impact on revenue growth and the enablement function at top tech companies.

In this live webinar, Jonas (Algolia), Megan (Intercom) and Lisa (Branch) will share:

  • Their career journeys to revenue enablement from BDR, AE and Support
  • How to create a Minimum Viable Position in enablement – by uncovering opportunities and articulating the your value to the right people
  • Highlights, challenges and learning opportunities in their day-to-day
  • BONUS: Traits, skills and must-do’s to make a career transition and thrive in sales enablement

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Jonas Taylor
Revenue Enablement at Algolia

Megan Hunting
Sales Training & Enablement

Lisa Thompson
Enablement Program Manager at Branch

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