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How Intercom Intentionally Scales Customer Success During Hypergrowth

There’s no one way to build a Customer Success team, but it definitely helps to hear and learn from leaders who’ve built, scaled and killed it. This is why we’re thrilled to have Max Klimmek, Global Head of Customer Success, share his insights and learnings from building his customer success organization during hypergrowth at Intercom.

What you’ll take away from this session:

  • Lessons on building a world-class customer success team on limited resources—around driving incentives, creating career development paths and measuring success
  • Tips on scaling team workload intentionally and successfully during challenging times
  • A peek into Intercom’s CS tech stack—and how to build yours to help you scale

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Max Klimmek
Global Head of Customer Success, Intercom

Ted Blosser
CEO, WorkRamp

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