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Advanced Enablement Strategies at

This is your crash course on advanced revenue enablement.

We know the standard GTM enablement stuff: onboard reps, buy tools, train teams. But how do you go one level above the typical playbook?

For folks who are looking to make the jump from program manager to enablement leader, or folks who want to learn how top leaders at Outreach are finding success – this session is for you. 

In this session, Whitney Sieck (Sr Director of Revenue Enablement at Outreach) and Sean Reay (Sr Enablement Specialist, Professional Services) will show you:

  1. How to scale a tech stack optimization strategy
  2. How to create & drive tools maturity models
  3. How to run internal QBRs with your stakeholders

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Whitney Sieck
Sr Director of Revenue Enablement

Sean Reay
Sr Enablement Specialist, Professional Services

Danielle Scott
Director of Sales, WorkRamp

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