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Zendesk LMS Integration

Integrate WorkRamp training directly into Zendesk

The Zendesk integration gives your support reps the ability to access WorkRamp training directly within the Zendesk platform for in-context learning opportunities.  

Integration benefits: 

  • Give admins more ways to integrate training content directly into reps workflows to increase productivity and knowledge.   
  • Give support reps a quick and easy way to access WorkRamp training content while they work on support tickets for quicker resolution times. 

Use cases: 

  • Support ticket resolution: support reps will be able to access WorkRamp training to supplement their knowledge in their daily workflow as they work through resolutions in their Zendesk portal. 
  • In-context training/onboarding: As support reps ramp up on their job, they’ll be able to learn at a faster rate by having WorkRamp training content integrated into their day to day workflow on Zendesk.

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