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SCORM LMS Integration

Standardize training content in your LMS

The SCORM integration allows you to upload SCORM files to WorkRamp and report on training progress and completion. 

Integration benefits: 

  • Allow your business to use the most popular e-learning training file in WorkRamp and report on progress and completion data directly in the platform.
  • Admins spend less time re-creating content in WorkRamp by uploading SCORM files into the platform and assigning it to learners. 
  • Access any type of e-learning content in WorkRamp by directly opening SCORM files in WorkRamp.

Use cases: 

  • Compliance training: Since many compliance courses are provided as standard SCORM files, admins can upload these courses directly into WorkRamp so learners can access training directly from their LMS. 
  • Self-serve library: If you use any e-learning provider such as Go1, Udemy, Linkedin learning, etc, you can upload any SCORM file directly into WorkRamp to provide your learners with a self-service course library of content not available in WorkRamp.

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