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Highspot LMS Integration

Deliver CMS content in your LMS

The Highspot integration allows you to easily embed your Highspot content directly into WorkRamp guides. You can also directly embed WorkRamp training guides into Highspot for quick searchability. 

Integration benefits: 

  • Allow your business to get the full value from both your CMS and LMS by integrating CMS content in WorkRamp. 
  • Give admins more flexibility in content creation with the ability to add in important content from Highspot directly into WorkRamp. 
  • Surface important content from Highspot for learners so they’re able to get maximum knowledge while they’re learning in WorkRamp. 
  • Surface WorkRamp training in Highspot so learners can quickly reference training in their day to day workflow in Highspot.

Use cases: 

  • Onboarding: When a new employee is onboarding with WorkRamp, admins can surface important workflows or topics in WorkRamp through Highspot content. Similarly, they can also add WorkRamp training into Highspot so they can reference training directly in their CMS. 
  • Training: Admins can embed Highspot content directly in WorkRamp training to make training more robust for learners.

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