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Google Calendar LMS Integration

Sync events from WorkRamp into your Calendar

The Google Calendar integration allows you to automatically add Event sessions in WorkRamp to your learners’ Google Calendars. 

Integration benefits: 

  • Allow your admins to spend less time inviting learners to WorkRamp events with automatic calendar invites and increase attendance rates. 
  • Admins can easily track Google Calendar event responses to see who’s attending an event for better reporting on training sessions. 
  • Learners won’t have to worry about missing a WorkRamp training event because all invites will automatically be on their Google calendar. 

Use cases: 

  • Onboarding: When a new employee has multiple events to attend during onboarding, all those calendar invites will automatically be added to Google so they never miss an event.
  • Reporting: When admins need to report on which learners attended an event, the Google calendar can automatically sync calendar responses to see which learners did or did not attend an event based on their calendar response.

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