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The Sales Onboarding Checklist Designed to Take Onboarding from Good to Great

Want to boost your sales onboarding program? Experts share the latest techniques to add to your sales onboarding checklist.

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Enablement Spotlight: 6 Ways to Create an Inspiring Company Kickoff

Check out six highlights from our company’s CKO with pro tips on how enablement teams can tackle such a big and exciting event.

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Standing Up an Enablement Function in Your Organization? Be Sure It’s for the Right Reasons

Discover the right reasons to build out a successful enablement function that can help your teams grow and achieve business goals.

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6 Sales Onboarding Best Practices from Top Sales Enablement Leaders

Take your onboarding to the next level using these sales onboarding best practices from enablement leaders at WorkRamp, Divvy, Zoom, and Handshake.

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Plaid’s Guide to Building Your 2022 Enablement Roadmap: A Q&A with Taryn Rosada, Revenue Enablement Leader

As we head into 2022, revenue enablement professionals everywhere are thinking about plans for the new year. Where do you start? What’s the best way to gather input, prioritize your focus areas, and get everyone aligned? 

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Key Enablement Trends that Will Gain Momentum in 2022

Three ways we’re seeing enablement branch out and become relevant for multiple areas within an organization and create more value for the business.

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Tips for Building a Sales Certification Program

A sales enablement veteran, Rachel used WorkRamp to build Iterable’s most successful framework for a sales certification program to date. We recently interviewed Rachel, who deconstructed Iterable’s Discovery Call Challenge program and shared actionable tips for designing a winning sales certification program.

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4 Reasons Enablement Should Have a Seat at the Executive Table

Enablement is critical to the success of your organization. In fact, research shows that organizations with a sales enablement function have way higher win rates than organizations that don’t. So why don’t we always have a seat at the executive table?

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Virtual SKO? Here’s How Hopin’s Nikki Schanzer Helps Sales Reps Stay Engaged, Create Connections and Get Excited About Learning

The end of 2021 is in sight — and that means one thing for many Sales Enablement professionals: Sales Kickoff is around the corner.

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How Optimizes the ROI of Technology with Its Enablement Maturity Model

Leading companies like are taking enablement strategy to the next level with tech stack optimization.

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Ready for Box Camp? Here’s How Box’s GTM Team Welcomes and Empowers New Hires

How Box leverages WorkRamp to create tailored, flexible, and engaging courses for effective onboarding.

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6 Tips for Building a Remote Sales Onboarding Plan

Remote work is here to stay! Learn what that means for your sales onboarding plan and how to decrease ramp-up time in a virtual workplace.

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Driving Remote Learner Engagement at Square, Hopin, TripActions, Shopify, and More

Learn from the Top Sales Enablement Leaders at Square, Hopin, TripActions, Shopify, MURAL, Nextdoor, and INFUSEmedia.

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The Success Behind Zoom’s 90-Day Onboarding Program for New Sales Managers

The creator of Zoom’s signature 90 Day Onboarding Program for new sales managers shares the secrets behind the program success.

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10 Tips for Executing a Successful Virtual Sales Kickoff (SKO) – Sales Enablement Diaries

Celine Grey, who leads Global Sales Enablement at Peakon, a Workday company, shares 10 tips for planning a successful virtual Sales Kickoff (SKO).

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