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How to Bootstrap Product Education with a #CustomerFirst Mentality

Start Now: Bootstrap Product Education with #CustomerFirst Mindset

How Product Education Plays a Critical Role in the Bitly Customer Journey

Tony Roma is the Voice of Bitly. He’s the the face of customer onboarding, the in-app walkthrough guide and the support doc that helps you troubleshoot in minutes.

There’s no doubt that Tony’s the guy when it comes to building and scaling the “1 to many” product education programs for each stage of the customer journey. We’re thrilled to bring him on screen to share:

  • How to build your Product Education framework
  • A peek into Bitly’s product education & customer onboarding experience
  • How to do more with less –– resources, time and personnel
  • Getting buy-in for your Customer & Product Ed programs

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Tony Roma
Sr Technical Communicator, UX and Documentation at Bitly

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