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All-in-One Onboarding

All-in-One Onboarding

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Blended Learning

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Employee Onboarding Software

Sixty percent of companies looking to hire office workers or professionals find it very difficult to find qualified workers, and 28% find it very difficult to retain them. Out of 1,504 employees surveyed by Jobvite, 29% reported leaving their jobs within the first 90 days, mostly because the job turned out to be different than expected.

So how do you tackle this issue?

Set the right expectations from the first day and retain your employees with the help of an effective onboarding process. Eighty-nine percent of employees feel strongly integrated into their company’s culture if they have a good onboarding experience. By providing a great onboarding experience, you improve the chances of 69% of your new hires staying with you for up to three years.

How do you provide a great onboarding experience?

Transform your onboarding experience with the help of employee onboarding software.

Employee onboarding software provides a platform for new employees to get an organized view of company info, like compliance and benefits, and training to help them ramp up successfully. It also provides employers with a dashboard to monitor new employees’ progress. Before we go into the details of how employee onboarding software works, let’s see what an effective employee onboarding process looks like.

Building an Effective Employee Onboarding Process

An effective employee onboarding program introduces new hires to the team, explains the vision of the company, and showcases the culture at your organization. People are 4.6 times more likely to perform their best work if they feel heard, so an effective process also encourages new hires to share opinions and ask questions.

Once the introductions are out of the way, it is time for technical training. You have already done the hard work and recruited the best talent for the job. However, an effective onboarding program also provides skills training to ramp up new hires for their specific roles. Customized training for each role will help your new hires get accustomed to the best practices used at your organization and hit the ground running.

Training does not stop at onboarding. It’s an ongoing process. Onboarding is an excellent opportunity to encourage your new hires to ask questions, develop knowledge, and acquire new skills. By doing this, you create a culture of learning at your organization. With this culture, your employees will constantly level up and your team will be more productive.

An effective onboarding program achieves all of the above while saving time and resources Employee onboarding software helps by automating in-person training, onboarding higher volumes of new hires efficiently and with consistency. A great first step to automation is to record your usual onboarding sessions and share them with new hires along with any supporting text, tutorials, and guides. And the next step is to invest in onboarding training software.

Benefits of Using Onboarding Training Software

Onboarding software lessens your workload, reduces the chances of human error, and provides a consistent experience for all new hires. The right onboarding training software will also provide effective and customizable templates to get you started, plus features to collect and iterate based on new hire feedback.

Use a medium your new hires understand and connect with them

We live in an era of technological evolution. Your new hires are accustomed to using technology and expect modern and engaging training experiences from you. Modern employee onboarding software is interactive—it caters to all types of learners, supports exciting features such as custom learning paths and certifications, and is accessible via mobile.

Save time and resources

If you go the usual route of delivering training in person or through virtual sessions, you will have to do it every time there’s a batch of new hires. Onboarding software offers courses you can use every time a group of new hires joins. It’s easy to revise these courses—add new material and take out the old. You save hours and hours of time that you can use to improve your L&D program.

Create challenges to ensure accuracy and accountability

The latest employee onboarding software lets you create tests and quizzes new hires can take within the platform after every course or after a series of courses. This will help you measure the effectiveness and accuracy of your training material and see how much progress the new employees have made.

Track analytics to measure learner engagement and get feedback

With employee onboarding software, you can track each new hire’s progress individually and see if they are struggling with anything. By using metrics such as usage time, watch time on videos, course completion rate, and more, you can see how engaged your new employees are and whether they need help. You can also gather feedback through built-in surveys to see which parts of your onboarding program need improvement and which parts are successful in achieving the results you want.

Centralize your onboarding and training material

Employee onboarding software helps you organize onboarding materials and centralize courses and compliance information. You keep track of all your learning content and store it in an organized, searchable way.

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Modernize Your Onboarding Experience with WorkRamp

WorkRamp is an all-in-one LMS and powerful employee onboarding software platform that encourages hyper-customization. This means you can change the navigation, the course overview page, the certifications, and the entire look and feel of the platform. You can import courses from other course libraries, use pre-existing templates in WorkRamp, and create learning paths that get assigned to new hires based on their specific job roles.

Create learning paths and cohorts

Using WorkRamp, you can create custom learning paths for each role in your company. You can mix and match guides, events, certifications, and resources and upskill your new hires in no time. This means that every time you hire someone new, they will go through the standard training without any inconsistencies or hiccups.

Create custom groups

Creating custom groups in WorkRamp will allow you to keep track of the progress made by your new hires at a group level. Organizations create cohorts or groups when onboarding multiple employees. This helps foster a sense of community among new hires as they forge new friendships and learn about their new roles together. You can create groups by date, group two departments together in a sequence, create groups by job role, and more.

Integrate with human resource information systems (HRIS)

WorkRamp integrates with BambooHR, Rippling, Workday, and other popular HRIS tools to automate employee onboarding workflows. You can take employee data from your HRIS, push it into WorkRamp, and automatically assign learning paths based on their roles. This will save you the trouble of having to manually copy employee information from one software to the other and assign courses to each employee individually.

Prove ROI of your onboarding program

WorkRamp helps you prove the return on investment of your onboarding program with visualizations of learner usage and training data, as well as advanced reporting workflows.

The platform provides you with metrics, such as “active users” and “searches,” that show new hire engagement throughout the onboarding process. The results of the tests and quizzes show their progress. Feedback surveys show the parts of onboarding they enjoyed as well as the parts that need improvement. And their time-to-productivity showcases the effectiveness of the onboarding program. If you add their quarterly performance metrics as well as retention rate to the mix, you can calculate an accurate ROI on your new hire training program.

WorkRamp also helps you schedule recurring reports for your team managers, so they are informed about new hires’ progress at different stages of the onboarding process. This will help them identify quick learners as well as new hires that need more support and additional training.

Say Hello to Your All-in-One LMS

WorkRamp is designed to delight new hires and L&D professionals alike. It’s easy to navigate and intuitive to use. It automates the headache-inducing parts of employee training to make room for what’s important: creating an engaging learning experience for your new hires.

The platform facilitates a blend of all learning formats: text-and-image guides, videos, live instructor-led sessions, interactive elements, and even full-blown certification courses. No matter your vision for training, you can build it here.

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