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Revenue Enablement


Vanta improves sales onboarding for reps while delivering ongoing product training and certifications for their revenue teams with WorkRamp.

Vanta is the easy way to get SOC 2, HIPAA, or ISO 27001 compliant. Over 2,000 fast-growing companies trust Vanta to automate their security monitoring and get ready for security audits in weeks instead of months. Vanta guides companies throughout the process and helps tailor their security monitoring and compliance to meet the needs of their company and their customers. Vanta was founded in 2016 and headquartered in San Francisco.

How Vanta sets their revenue teams up for success

Megan Hunting is the Sales and CX Enablement Lead at Vanta, and Vanta’s first enablement hire in April 2021. Currently, she’s building and scaling onboarding, product training, and compliance initiatives for Account Executives (AE), Business Development Reps (BDRs), Customer Success Managers (CSMs), and Support Reps. 

As the single person responsible for enablement at Vanta, Megan needed a tool to help her create and assign training, provide an excellent onboarding experience for reps, and deliver ongoing product training and certifications for her revenue teams. 

The Challenge: Enhancing the onboarding experience for sales and customer success

Before Megan joined Vanta, the onboarding process for the Sales and Customer Success teams lacked clarity and structure. Sales reps shadowed cold calls and demos to learn more about the software, and Customer Success relied solely on a variety of live training to onboard their CSMs. 

When Megan arrived, she immediately knew which tool she wanted to bring in to enhance the revenue team’s onboarding experience. Megan used WorkRamp as an AE at her previous company, and she loved the product. “I loved how simple and easy it was to use. WorkRamp made learning fun, and I knew that’s what would help the revenue team at Vanta.” She wanted to create an engaging onboarding experience that would set reps up for success in the long run. She hasn’t received lower than a 5/5 for feedback on Vanta’s onboarding programs that use WorkRamp. “Using WorkRamp’s Guides and Certifications has simplified AE and CSM ramping time – we now have deadlines and clear timelines for guides and certifications, whereas, before WorkRamp, there was no structure or idea of when someone was “ramped”.” 

Delivering ongoing product training at scale

Another goal of Megan’s is to ensure the Sales team, Customer Success team, and Support reps are well versed on the product as new features launch. As Vanta quickly grows, their product grows too. With so much on their product roadmap, they need to make sure the sales team is equipped to sell new features, and their support reps can help current customers with any product needs. 

This initiative was a significant reason the leadership team at Vanta decided to purchase WorkRamp. Megan and the leadership team wanted to pick a product that would allow their reps to take training and certify their knowledge with pitch certifications and video submissions. They can easily monitor the progress of all their reps with WorkRamp’s reporting capabilities to truly see the impact on the organization.

“The easy-to-read reporting for each guide makes it easy for me to see who hasn’t yet completed guides. I can easily send reminders, and when folks need more of a nudge, I enlist our managers to reach out directly to our reps. Because of this, we always have 100% completion.”

The Solution: Training Content at Scale

With WorkRamp, Megan has easily created training for each of the teams she leads enablement for. “I can’t even imagine how long it would take for me to create these guides without WorkRamp. It’s so easy to use and the tools like the drag and drop content editor are very robust. I’m able to spin up new training guides in a matter of a day or two.”

In addition to quickly creating training guides, Megan delivers ongoing learning experiences for the Vanta teams. She makes loads of content for different products, compliance frameworks, varying use cases, and more. “I think in this remote world, when new people start; they don’t know how to access important information after they’ve completed training. WorkRamp is the perfect tool they can always use to support their ongoing learning.” One of Vanta’s reps gave Megan feedback– “If I find downtime, I know exactly how and where to spend my time engaging in content to further my learning. This has significantly exceeded my expectations of onboarding.”

High Adoption in the Workplace

“People love using WorkRamp at our company. I’ve never gotten bad feedback from anyone, and we generally have a 100 percent course completion rate for any of the training I put out.” With WorkRamp, Megan was finally able to deliver training that reps would be excited to complete. Before WorkRamp, there was no way to monitor the reps’ progress and if they were getting the information they needed. Now, Megan uses WorkRamp’s reporting tools to ensure that the reps adopt the software and complete the necessary training. 

Vanta is also using the WorkRamp platform to push out compliance training. Since Vanta is a technical organization, they recently pushed out training to their AEs and CSMs to learn GDPR and PCI compliance. “I felt like I was able to put a college semester’s worth of information into my WorkRamp training. WorkRamp makes training easy by putting everything in digestible chunks that the reps will actually be able to remember.” 

Why Partner with WorkRamp? 

Megan has loved the WorkRamp experience from the buying experience to now. “Everyone was very knowledgeable during the sales process and really helped both me and my leadership team see the value in the platform.” 

Megan noted that the implementation process was very streamlined. Both the Customer Success and Implementation teams were there to help her through the entire process with best practices, tips, and tricks – especially since she was setting up WorkRamp by herself. 

“The Customer Success team is honestly so proactive. My Client Outcomes Manager set up bi-weekly check-ins with me to ensure that I had everything I needed to create the best learning programs for my revenue team,” and continues, “I absolutely love the VIP Slack channel. As an enablement professional, it’s so nice to see a large community of peers that I’ve been able to seek advice from and ask questions. It’s also helpful to have immediate access to support and my COM via Slack.” 

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