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Revenue Enablement

Peakon, a Workday Company

With WorkRamp, Peakon built and deployed its global sales enablement program in just 8 short weeks, leading to increased growth and development engagement scores.

Peakon, a Workday Company

Celine Grey is the Sales Enablement, Global Lead at Peakon, a Workday company, a SaaS platform that captures real-time employee engagement. Peakon’s enablement team, which supports global sales teams in AMER, EMEA, and APAC, relies on WorkRamp to power new hire onboarding and ongoing training initiatives. Celine shares how WorkRamp helped Peakon create and distribute an enablement program–all in a matter of 8 weeks.

What is your role at Peakon—and what are you currently focused on?

As the Sales Enablement Global Lead at Peakon, my goal is to support our sales organization in acquiring and retaining customers by ensuring that our reps have the right tools, skills, competencies, and mindset to provide a positive customer experience. 

Provide foundational learning

2020 was an interesting year—we doubled down on foundational learning, like Sales Methodology and Buying Cycle, while refining the overall sales process. We had to do this while rapidly adapting our strategy to remote work. WorkRamp’s ability to support online and self-serve learning initiatives was crucial to supporting that shift for the sales team.

Support organizational growth and transformation

Today, we’re focused on organizational transformation and scaling our team. We’re here to support our company’s growth plan—as we recruit more members of the sales team, we’re working to expand upon our exceptional onboarding and sales certification programs. 

Now that we’ve built such solid foundational learning programs, we’re looking into how we can better support each team with more granularity, whether it’s supporting them by segment, role, or career aspirations. We are an agile organization by nature, so the ability to provide team challenges, focused onboarding paths, and quickly launch learning guides through WorkRamp is a major support. We don’t have to worry about how we’ll accomplish our goals—with WorkRamp we just make them happen.

What are your business outcomes?

Develop a more effective Sales Org 

With WorkRamp, you have the ability to use analytics to understand where you can influence sales effectiveness. You can identify quick-wins, best practices, and necessary changes to drive momentum. As we execute foundational onboarding programs and ongoing training, we’re actively measuring effectiveness through metrics like ramp time, sales conversion ratios, competitive win rates, and WorkRamp completion data. With WorkRamp’s Salesforce integration, we’re able to capture real-time insights as to which training activities drive results. 

Create a positive impact through learning

We also use Peakon technology in conjunction with WorkRamp to measure how training impacts employee engagement. Within a few weeks of launching WorkRamp, we observed a 0.4 increase in employee engagement scores related to learning and a 0.3 increase in scores related to growth—bringing our employees’ engagement scores above the benchmarks set by our competitors. The scores indicate that training has had a direct impact on how employees feel supported in their growth and professional development.

How does WorkRamp help drive business outcomes?

Discover best onboarding practices

As our team rapidly grows in a global environment, it’s incredibly beneficial for us to be able to have real-time insights through WorkRamp into how our onboarding programs are performing in encouraging learning adoption. It allows us to shift quickly and course correct to ensure new hires are receiving the best possible training.

Provide professional development opportunities

Scaling up is also scaling up our people—an investment in our team is an investment in our customers. As we grow and transform as an organization, we want to ensure that our teams have all of the information and skills they need to be successful and grow with our company. With the insights we gather from our WorkRamp learning initiatives, we’re able to scale best practices throughout the sales organization, providing better professional development opportunities. 

Why WorkRamp?

Deliver innovative training

As a rule, we want the technologies that we use to support innovation in our organization—and WorkRamp has nailed this. The plethora of available integration capabilities made it seamless to adopt as part of our workflow. As far as learning opportunities, social challenges, learning paths, event scheduling, and the ability to collaborate with others makes building content fun and easy.

Learn from a one-of-a-kind support team

Our enablement program began as a blank canvas; it started with a team of one and WorkRamp, but we were able to deploy our learning program within 8 weeks—thanks to WorkRamp. A major difference between WorkRamp and other vendors I’ve used in the past is the support team. They are responsive, resourceful, and encourage us to share our input on the development of new features. When we were first building our program, they helped every step of the way by providing support, insights, and their industry expertise. 

What’s your favorite WorkRamp feature?

The Challenges feature is definitely a favorite for me. I love it because it helps people learn at a deeper level. Challenges require the learner to apply learning content and consider how they might pitch a product in real life. It also invites social learning with the peer review feature, which can help learners see pitches from a different perspective. It’s one event that creates several layers of learning. 

Why partner with WorkRamp?

“We are an agile organization by nature so the ability to quickly launch learning guides through WorkRamp is great. We don’t have to worry about the ‘how’—with WorkRamp we just make it happen,” says Celine Grey, Sales Enablement, Global Lead at Peakon.

With WorkRamp, Peakon has been able to:


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