Training reps to sell upmarket into the enterprise

Training reps to sell upmarket into the enterprise

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The beauty of WorkRamp is that it's so easy to use that we saw immediate value on Day One of using the platform.

Zach Lawryk
Senior Director of Solutions Engineering and Enablement


Optimizely is the world’s leading experimentation platform, serving customers like IBM, FOX, and Capital One. In 2017, Optimizely appointed industry veteran Jay Larson to continue its charge serving larger companies, with more than 25% of the Fortune 100 using its platform to run experiments across all parts of the technical stack. As part of its strategy to move upstream, Optimizely leveraged the WorkRamp platform to train and certify its go-to-market teams and align them on consistent messaging. The results to date have been stellar: they have lifted their average contract values by over 60%, signed additional Fortune 100 customers, and increased their enterprise pipeline significantly.


Zach Lawryk, Senior Director of Solutions Engineering and Enablement, was tasked with enabling the go-to-market teams in its efforts to move the company upstream. With a global workforce, multiple business functions, and an array of technical products, Zach had a large challenge ahead of him to make sure everybody was aligned and on-point. As an example, he had 3 new products released in the last year alone, and he needed to make sure everybody could sell and support those products consistently. Without a single platform to train, track, and certify, he knew he would have his work cut out for him.

Solution and Outcome

The Optimizely team chose WorkRamp as its strategic partner to help the company move upstream to serve its multinational clients. They aligned sales, marketing, and customer success across a consistent go-to-market message that would help convey the enterprise value of the Optimizely platform. WorkRamp enabled Zach and his team to train and certify over 250+ people on multiple products and programs that were rolling out to the field. He used a combination of video certifications, microtraining, and knowledge checks to measure employee skills and comprehension. By doing so, he drove outcomes that included lifting average contract values, signing more Fortune 100 clients, and building significant pipeline for the enterprise segment.