How Looker Launched a Global Certification program with WorkRamp.

How Looker Launched a Global Certification program with WorkRamp.

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WorkRamp helped me build and deploy a certification program to my salesforce in record time.

Cari Goodrich
Director of Global Marketing


Since its founding in 2011, Looker has established itself as the unparalleled leader in data analytics by targeting data analysts with their powerful platform. As Looker came to be the de-facto solution for data scientists at companies like Blue Apron, Glossier, and Counsyl, the company soon realized there was an opportunity to expand into other departments as well.

Looker realized it is not just data analysts that need access to the latest information, but employees in every role. Whether you are in people operations or marketing, Looker found data is critical to how any team makes decisions.

Looker’s CMO, Jen Grant, decided it was time to teach the sales organization how to sell to new types of audiences, and as a result needed to teach reps a whole new series of skills. Looker’s Sr. Director of Global Marketing, Cari Goodrich, was charged with the task.


Cari needed to build a training program that would take over 120 hundred sales reps — located in California, Chicago, New York, Dublin and London —  and teach them how to sell into an audience they have never worked with before, all in a matter of weeks.

Solution and Outcome

She utilized WorkRamp’s platform to build out a measurable certification program that would show exactly which sales reps had completed the material, learned the coursework, and were ready to start pitching in the field. Not only did she save time by creating a training program directly in WorkRamp, but she was able to access stats she never would have had access to before.

“We streamlined the process of training sales reps by using WorkRamp, and were able to send more reps into the field better prepared to hit the ground running.”

Cari was able to set up a weekly certification, and run the entire salesforce through the program.