Scaling sales, support, and operations to 700 people.

Scaling sales, support, and operations to 700 people.

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Clutter makes moving and storage easy with Amazon-like service and logistics. Over the past two years, Clutter has rapidly expanded to cities including San Francisco, New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, managing more than 2 million sq. feet of real estate and easing the headaches of tens of thousands of customers through modernizing the way they store and move their things.

Saad Shahzad, VP of Sales and Customer Experience, presides over an organization where each rep handles 1500+ discrete interactions with customer per month. In just a single month, their sales team alone receives 42,000 calls. To handle the avalanche of customer activity, they needs reps who can hit the ground running soon after hire.

Clutter first partnered with WorkRamp to support the expansion of their customer experience organization. Since then, WorkRamp has been used across the company from sales to operations, working with them in tandem to scale Clutter’s total employee count from 100 to 700. WorkRamp is not only being leveraged for onboarding, but for weekly check-ups and company-wide communications.


Clutter’s enablement efforts are concentrated around swiftly growing their company with a diversity of roles and staying invested in its employees. For a fast-growing company who fields 60,000+ customer calls and emails a month, it’s critical that their operators are well trained and able to start interfacing with customers quickly after hire. The variety of roles at Clutter is uniquely expansive, ranging from sales, to field operators that pack and move for the customer, to warehouse personnel. With a culture of ownership where every employee is full time and receives equity in the company, they not only need an onboarding software that’s built for growth, but help them deeply engage and nurture their hires.

Solution and Outcome

Saad partnered closely with WorkRamp to not only help grow the customer experience organization 3x, but drive down the ramp time of his new hires by +60%, from 6 weeks to 2 weeks. On the operations side, WorkRamp has helped Clutter scale from 100 people to 700 people over the course of 2 years, improving the quality of work through ongoing checks and certifications. Today, Clutter uses WorkRamp not only for onboarding, weekly employee check-ins, and certification, but for company-wide communication, as a common platform to disseminate important assets like videos of their all-hands to create a better aligned organization.