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How Carta created a new hire onboarding program to mirror their culture and work ethic

How Carta created a new hire onboarding program to mirror their culture and work ethic

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Carta‘s mission is to create equity for all by enabling  companies to simplify and streamline their equity management through convenient and easy-to-use software and services. As a company entrusted with sensitive financial data, it is imperative to have effective tools that enable them to deliver and monitor the required training for their new employees.

With Carta rapidly expanding, optimizing employee professional development is a top priority. Over the past year, Jina Kim and Olivia Johnson, from the Learning & Development team, were tasked with developing and curating a rigorous curriculum for Carta’s new hires. The financial literacy, security, and compliance trainings conducted throughout onboarding are crucial to ensure Carta’s employees understand the business and how to keep customer data secure.

As Carta has grown, preparing the materials and tracking the progress of each new hire during the bi-monthly onboarding cohorts became cumbersome and time-consuming. By streamlining these tasks and other trainings in WorkRamp, the ongoing administrative tasks are now as easy as a few clicks of a mouse. Carta was able to meet the challenges of scaling a growing organization by reducing the administrative burden of new hire onboarding.

Carta’s Learning & Development team leveraged WorkRamp to build out a comprehensive continuing education curriculum to help employees achieve their professional growth targets.


Over the last three years, Carta’s headcount has grown over 300 percent. With this expansion, Carta was looking to automate and streamline the onboarding process for new employees and reduce the amount of time managers spent administering this process.

As Carta expanded, they needed a software solution to help scale the onboarding process for new employees. An ideal solution would allow Carta to manage training material in a central library, allow employees to reference those training material as needed, and allow managers to track their team members’ progress.

Solution and Outcome

Since leveraging WorkRamp, Carta has been able to build a robust bootcamp for their new employees across multiple offices. The Learning & Development team is able to track training material views and module completion.

“We used to spend roughly 2 hours building monthly onboarding programs and after WorkRamp, we only spend 30 minutes adding any necessary updates” said Jina Kim, Head of Customer Success at Carta. That is a 75% reduction in time spent building and managing onboarding programs.